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Updated April 2016:

100k Factory Ultra Edition By Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

There’s no question that when it comes to making money online that there are plenty of opportunities, but you’re not going to just stumble upon something and have money appear like magic. You need a mentor who can guide you through the ins and outs of making money online and that means finding a reliable and trustworthy course to lead you through the process. The 100k Factory Ultra Edition by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton is a program that actually steps up to the plate and teaches newcomers how to build websites that don’t just look pretty or take up space, but which actually make you money.

Learning how to do this with one solid website is a skill that you can then repeat and scale over and over until you reach the income level that you’ve always hoped for or always dreamed of. However, what is this new “ultra” edition and how exactly does it compare to the previous program? Let’s review this program one part at a time.

The Original Versus The Ultra Edition
While the names are going to be similar since the Ultra edition is the newest version of the old training, there are enough major updates and differences that they shouldn’t be thought of as the same program. The new program is completely updated and overhaul, and even those people who found great success with the original 100k Factory program will learn a lot of new tricks, strategies, and tools that will help them when looking at the Ultra edition of this training.

Who Is Aidan Booth?
Aidan_BoothOne of the two founders of this program, Aidan is a successful Internet marketer who has found joy in sharing with others how to make money online and providing programs that cut through the re-hashed advice and fluff and get to the bare bones of how making money online actually works. Moving from New Zealand to Argentina to marry the woman who would become his wife, Aidan started in Internet Marketing in 2005.

Since he didn’t speak Spanish he knew he had to learn how to make money, he dove into the Internet world and although it was a shaky start, he quickly learned what it took to make it online and at one point had scaled up to owning over 1,500 money making websites. He knows what it takes to make money online and to stay in it for the long-term.



Who Is Steve Clayton?
Steve_ClaytonSteve is the other half of this IM program. Steve definitely qualified as having the traditional white collar job as he was vice president of a Fortune 500 company before quitting the rat race to find an entirely new level of success as an Internet Marketer. He has an incredible reputation as one of the best online sellers out there with the ability to make any program he believes enough in to promote.

In other words, like Aidan, he knows how to print money online.





Introducing the 100k Factory Ultra Edition

The newest program builds off of the original release and not only looks at current strategies for building profitable websites the search engines will love, but will also show how to tackle websites that are going to last for the long term no matter how many changes take place in the marketplace.steps-of--the-100k-factory

Lesson 1: Drop Shipping For Massive Profits
This section teaches you how to build an active e-commerce website that will garner up to an average of 5% conversion rate for products you will sell but won’t have to produce yourself or warehouse yourself. Proper drop shipping systems mean you can design a product that is designed by you, made in China, and shipped directly to your customer. With the right system in place all you have to do is collect the profits from your website and this lesson shows you how!

Lesson 2: Automating Your Traffic & Income
The key to a steady stream of profitable traffic comes from knowing how to find extremely inexpensive advertising that is set up perfectly to create a high conversion rate that gets people lining up to buy.

Lesson 3: Scaling Into An Empire of Income
The basic lesson is going to be the building block of every website you setup, you shouldn’t see setting up one website as the end game. If you can build one site you can build ten. Even if they sell just one product a day you can scale that up to 100 sites and 100 sales a day. Once you know how to perfectly set up a site you can just scale it up to a true online money-making empire.

Memorizing The 7-Step Process
You can always guess at a process or come up with one via trial and error, but why do that when you can learn a process that is already tried and true from two exceptional Internet Marketers who have “been there and done that” many times before. There is a can’t fail seven step process to raking in the profits.

  1. Learn to choose a product. This is the critical starting point. Mess up this critical first step and you are going to be hard pressed to see any success down the line.
  2. Learn to use tools to test the profit potential of your product or niche. They show you how to use tools provided to clients to check out the potential of each item or niche. Access to those software tools are limited to those who enroll in the program.
  3. Finding your ideal customer demographic and engaging with your audience. This is a crucial first step to upping the traffic and hitting your ideal profit level.
  4. How to use software provided to turn website visitors into eager buyers.
  5. Mastering online ads that will provide you with far more profit from sales than the money you put into the advertising.
  6. Optimizing conversions is a critical to getting the biggest return on investment (ROI) possible.
  7. Repeating and scaling to go from one or two profitable websites into a huge online portfolio that combine to give you an empire’s worth of online properties making serious money for you.

Live Training To Help Guarantee Success
No matter how well setup any given training is, there’s no question that being able to work directly with a mentor is the best way to learn and master any new skill. Make no mistake – online marketing is a skill and while the 100k Factory Ultra program is outstanding at taking you through everything step by step, there are 8 weeks of live training to go with it. This means anyone buying this program will be able to learn directly from the program’s founders. That’s one amazing bonus, especially considering how many IM programs online don’t include any direct contact with mentors or else one simple phone call.

Software Bonuses
The software bonuses are a major part of what makes this version such a potentially great deal. Any membership here includes a variety of software bonuses that help with figuring out the competition, finding profitable niches, creating great content, and then optimizing that content to create an impressive and fully functioning e-commerce website that you can be proud of.

Having the right specialty software can make a huge difference and in fact these types of tools often are the difference between individual marketers fighting to make a couple of websites that are profitable and the Internet Marketers who seem to quickly scale and make tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars doing so.

So What’s This All Going To Cost?
The going price for everything that is included in the new updated Ultra program is $2497. While this definitely isn’t cheap, it is actually an excellent value when you consider that includes the program, training, weeks of live training with the program creators, specialized software, and more. There is a 30 day money back guarantee for individuals who aren’t satisfied, but based on early looks those people will be far and few in between – if they end up forming at all.

So Yea or Nay?
So what is the final verdict? There has been plenty of news about the original 100k Factory program that Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton released, and in the past year the general feedback was extremely positive. Many people bought that original program, many applied what it taught, and they became wealthy as a result. This one is even better, offers more teaching, more hands-on experience, and more direct guidance from the professionals who are going to know best.

So what’s the final verdict? This program definitely gets a big two thumbs up. Anyone who is serious about learning how to make money online and how to scale it for massive success need to take a look at everything this program has to offer.


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Note: Below you can find the Review for the first edition of 100k Factory that was released last year in 2015

The Review

The name says it all, “100k” Factory. The purpose of this product is to provide all individuals who go through it with the ability to earn $100,000 per year. Sounds like a dream come true does it not? There are many products on the market, which make tall claims, but how many are truly good enough? Does this one fit the bill? Does it have the quality required to fulfil dreams? The answer to all of these questions will be found in this review. Here is a detailed look at what this product is all about.
What Is It?

Creators Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have a vast amount of experience in the world of affiliate marketing and it is on the shoulders of this experience which has led to this product. These are individuals who have been in the corporate world along with spending numerous years doing affiliate marketing. They know the potential on offer for those who go about it the right way.

Let’s break down this product and what it is all about. The product is priced in at $2947, a hefty amount demonstrating the wealth of information present in the product as a whole.

The product consists of live training modules, PDF modules, and numerous videos as well guiding aspiring individuals along the way. It is a kit, which demonstrates how websites can have traffic driven to them through four distinct traffic resources such as viral content, FaceBook ads, traffic software, and Google.

It breaks down the methods of earning money on a website. It is one thing to set up a website and another to establish results financially. It will break down how to earn money through AdSense, affiliate marketing, personal products, and much more. The list is endless for those who are driving in traffic.

This is an 8 week program for those who complete it from start to finish. The emphasis is on providing a high level of detail every step of the way. It is a comprehensive planning kit designed to ensure no stone is left unturned according to the creators. Add in the support system provided by the creators for those who make the purchase and put in the hours and it becomes a significant product.


Along with the training kit, each individual gets three pieces of software (The Content Repository, The Website Factory, and The Conversion Optimization Engine).

  • The Content Repository” is designed to help individuals gain access to content for their websites, which can often be the hardest task.
  • The Website Factory” as the name suggests is for the building of a website to put together a high quality place to drive traffic.
  • The final piece of software comes in the form of “The Conversion Optimization Engine“, which is designed to enable individuals the opportunity to test different pages and optimize all traffic coming into the website right from the get go.

There are also many bonuses (free) which come along the way.

  • The first bonus involves “1-on-1 coaching” with the creators to keep going in the right direction and to get past any hurdles which may arise.
  • Another bonus involves “SEO Classroom” to rank on search engines properly and immediately.
  • There are numerous other bonuses which come along with the program to ensure everyone’s success. In total, there are a whomping 17 additional bonuses. It is a dream come true for those who want to get to know how to properly go about this process.


What are some of the positives of this product? It is one of the most comprehensive solutions a person is going to come across in the world of affiliate marketing. There is nothing worse than going through a program and then not knowing what to do halfway through. All of the steps have been produced with attention to detail and it shows through the level of depth in the modules. All of the questions one may have are going to be answered on the spot within the guides and videos. If not, the support is right there to assist you. It does not get easier than this for those who want high quality results and are tired of wasting time.
The customer support is fantastic and truly a major step up compared to what the rest of the market has to offer. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have gone out their way to ensure each and every person is seeing success as soon as they start. This is all part of their promise with this product and they make sure everyone who puts in the work gets the results they are hoping for. The customer support is all about quality control to ensure you are getting hands on information that is needed moving forward. You will never feel as if you are alone in this battle.

Are there any cons to fret about? The only worry for a person would be the initial hit that is going to be seen with your budget. This is an expensive product, but one that is going to produce results. For those on a tighter budget, this might not be the right fit. After all, not everyone is going to be able to fork over $3000 with relative ease. It is a sizable investment and one you have to be careful making. If you are willing to put in the work, this investment is going to pay itself off in no time.
Concluding Opinion

This is indeed one of the best affiliate marketing products on the market right now. This is not one that is going to muck around and is a ‘must buy’ for those who are serious about what they are doing and truly want to earn $100,000.

Earning such high amounts of money per year is not easy and making an initial investment is necessary. However, the nature of this product and the team behind it makes it a more than worthwhile investment for those who want results now.





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Tips For Using Internet Marketing Effectively For Your Business

When you first start your new business, you’ll be very excited and anxious to get going. However, the best thing to do is take your time and learn as much about internet marketing as you possibly can. You will get some great advice in this article.

Each time you send out an email, be sure the signature on the bottom contains your business name, your name and your website address. This tool is very helpful for anybody who wants to ask a quick question or get more information than they think your website will provide them with.

Use an ad rotation plug-in to rotate advertisements on your blog. When you track earnings of individual ads and clicks, it makes it easy for you to eliminate the ones that aren’t profitable. Maximizing the use of your space with the most profitable ads is something you want to do on a regular basis to increase your profits.

Set up tracking so that you can determine which of your marketing strategies are the most effective. If you’re like most internet marketers, you probably have multiple promotions or ads running at the same time. So how do you know which ones are driving the most traffic? Make sure that you set tracking devices up, like individual landing pages or UTM codes, so that you can really monitor your campaigns.

If possible, try not to exactly copy the path someone else has taken, particularly from somebody in the same kind of market as you. When it come to internet marketing, the same success formula is followed. However, you don’t want to become identical to the point that customers are able to distinguish you from your competitors. It’s important to separate yourself somehow from the crowd.

Tell your customers how they can get a hold of you. Your contact information should be on each page of your site, even if you just have it on the bottom. This will increase customer confidence and also enable the search engines to show your website in their results if anyone is searching for some of your contact information.

Whenever you’re creating your emails, be sure to test them out first. Set up free accounts at places like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL. Send emails to these accounts so you can see what your emails look like before sending them to your customers. That will allow you to see if there is anything screwed up so that you can get it fixed before your customers see it.

If possible, your internet marketing strategy should include getting involved in some kind of community service. Discuss it on your website. These days, people are really attracted to socially responsible businesses. When they see you’re aren’t solely about making money, they will trust and respect you more.

Whenever you market your business or product online, make your copy exciting. If you are enthusiastic and excited about your product, then visitors to your site (who are prospective customers) will also be more enthusiastic. Good ad copy makes it easy to get excited about a product or service.

Whenever you are marketing products using a website, every page should have a link to your contact information and privacy policy. Most corporate websites offer this, so it will make your site appear more professional. You will also appear to be more trustworthy, since prospective customers won’t need to search around finding a way to get in touch with you.

A majority of people will read the text on your website from left to right. So most of the time they will be focusing on your page’s top left corner. Be sure this quadrant contains your page’s most important elements.

You can create an impression of durability and stability for your marketing copy simply by using more positive phrases comparing their purchase to investing in their future instead of using words like “pay for” and “buy.” That makes the sale appear to be more responsible and practical and not as much of a big splurge. This idea can be reinforced by including feedback from customers who feel the same way.

One really good internet marketing strategy is having the word “fast” appear in your ads. Let customers know that you offer fast ordering and fast delivery. Promise fast results. These days, people are pressed for time and very busy, so they really value their time and are willing to pay for fast results.

If you have a website, you want it to be seen by as many people as possible. Getting it listed with Google, is the best way to do this, since it is the search engine that has the most traffic. Your website traffic and business will start to grow once you have been indexed by Google.

Internet marketing is full of intricacies, and it would take many volumes to explain it all. However, everyone who has a thriving online business had to start at the beginning. The online world is constantly evolving, and it’s necessary for even experts to keep current with all the latest tips and tricks.


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