Adam Short Niche Profit Full Control Review & Bonus


  • Product Creator: Adam Short + Robert Mclees
  • Product Name: Niche Profit Full Control
  • Official Site:
  • Price: $1500
  • Rating: 100% Recommended


Before you order Niche Profit Full Control read my review so that you can see up front if this the right program for you.

Adam-Short-BobbyMclessNiche Profit Full Control is the brainchild of Adam Short and Bobby Mcless. The duo is best known in the Internet marketing community for their immensely successful Niche Profit Classroom. The Niche Profit Classroom and various other products created by them have been bought by over 32,000 individuals. All the products released by them have been highly successful and highly praised by the buyers.

One of the things that separate this duo from other so-called gurus in the Internet marketing field is that they have a lot of experience in making money online with their own ideas. They are not like other gurus who simply keep teaching same things over and over again.

Niche Profit Full Control Review

One of the biggest issues with many of the Internet marketing products available in the market is that they offer incomplete training to students, especially those who lack technical skills. Often, students are not able to make any money online due to lack of technical skills and incomplete training. This results in giving a bad name to the industry.

However, this new product is completely different and includes everything needed to start and grow a successful online business. In this program, the creators will also be sharing a number of case studies that have helped their previous students achieve huge success.

They will also share some of their own personal websites that also includes a brand-new website that is already making five figures per month and uses the same strategies that are being taught inside the program. The creators of NPFC only teach strategies that they have personally use for making money online.


Two Phases

First of all, this product is divided into two separate phases as the creators realize that building an online business from scratch requires different sort of training as compared to the training required for growing an already established business.

The phase 1 of the program focuses on helping students set up their own online business from scratch. The goal of this phase is to provide enough training to help students earn up to $10,000 per month by promoting affiliate products. They do not leave out the important things such as building landing pages, sales pages and beautiful websites. They provide everything needed by an individual to start building an online business from day one.

The phase 2 of the program is focused on teaching students various ways to scale up their businesses to millions of dollars in revenue. In this phase, the creators offer training on scaling up affiliate business as well as becoming a product creator, as that is where the real money is. This phase offers training on scaling up the online business with the help of membership websites, reverse engineering, product bundles, advanced traffic strategies and other such things.

What’s Included in the Program?

There are a number of components of this program including core training, software, software and done for you businesses.

Core Training

The core of the program is the eight week training that is divided into eight separate modules. This training program will be conducted in the form of a webinar where the creators will also be available to answer the questions from students live. The creators and their team will also help the students in diving deeper into various topics and figure out any issues that students may have.

The training modules in these eight weeks will cover niche selection, setting up your very own selling machine properly, training on product creation and sales funnels, training on importance of testing as well as conversion testing, training to maximize traffic, training on profit maximization, training on content publishing and the final module is a wrap-up of the earlier seven modules.

However, this training is just the start. The program also includes a lot of other things listed below:

  • A number of case studies and templates for use by students.
  • The students will also get access to 6 different software (described in more detail below).
  • As a buyer, you will also get access to the Adam Short’s personal swipe file.
  • The goal setting and time management video training course by Adam Short.

Access to Private Community Forum

It won’t be wrong to say that many Internet marketing gurus lack in providing timely support to their students and students are left to find things on their own. Lack of support not only leads to dissatisfaction but sometimes, the students completely give up on the product. Thankfully, this product offers support in a variety of forms.

The buyers get access to a member-only forum where the creators and their team will offer support and guidance to the students. Access to this private forum is extremely important as you will be able to discuss things with other like-minded individuals and pick up their mind under the guidance of Adam Short and his team.

Done For You Businesses

Another important component of the system is the Done for You niche businesses. As mentioned in the beginning, a number of students find it difficult to start things. This is where these niche businesses come in. All of these niche businesses come with landing pages, information products to be sold, sales pages as well as high-quality auto responder sequence for three months and a lot of other things.

In simple terms, the students can simply take these and start making money right from the get go. The students do not need to do any grunt work on their own as everything is done for them.

The package include sales funnel, landing pages, information products and everything needed to make money. Students can start selling these products or model their other products on this system. It is much easier to create your own product after seeing a successful product and sales funnel.

The niches featured in this package include survival training, fat loss for women, Neuro linguistic programming, stress management, penny stock trading, save your marriage, build muscle fast and the real secrets of men.

All of the packages come with 20 high-quality articles that can be used on the website as well as for content marketing. Each package also includes a highly converting opt in page with high-quality sales letter and two high-quality reports that can be given away for free to create your own subscription list.

Each package also includes a complete auto responder sequence. The sequence includes selling e-mails as well as informational e-mails to provide value to the subscribers.

It is also important to mention here that each of these businesses have been selected due to their potential of becoming a million dollar business on their own.

Software Included in the Program

As mentioned above, the program provides access to 6 powerful software tools that will help you in creating a highly profitable online business faster than ever.

The first tool in the program is called Market Feeder. With the help of this tool, you will be able to find hot products available in the Clickbank marketplace. As you are aware, Clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate marketplaces out there and it has given over $1 billion to affiliates over the years. This product will allow you to analyze the marketplace and find out hot products to promote.


Second tool included in the package is called Market Analyzer. It tells you about various market indicators and gives you an overall market score to help you choose the right niche for promoting.


Many beginners are not aware of the fact that choosing the right product to promote is half the battle when it comes to building a successful online business. Many people end up losing a lot of money before they are able to discover the right product and make good money. These software tools allow you to easily find out winning products.

The third rule is known as Competition Profiler. It helps you in analyzing the websites and sales funnels of your competitors and gives you access to competitive performance data to enhance your own campaigns.


The fourth software in the package is the Niche Profit Press that allows you to create high quality web pages within minutes. It is a point and click software that allows you to create sales pages, webinar pages, squeeze pages as well as any other kind of page with just your mouse. It has a number of fully customizable templates. In simple terms, you will be able to create high quality landing pages and sales pages even if you do not know anything about HTML, JavaScript or CSS.


The fifth software is called Traffic Advantage. Social media has become huge and has the ability to deliver huge quantities of targeted traffic to your product or service. This software allows you to redirect all this social traffic to your sales funnel in an easy manner.


You also get access to another list building program called Social Leads Builder. As the name suggests, this software will help you in adding subscribers to your list at a viral pace by motivating people to join your list across various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and other forums and blogs.



There are a number of things that make this program stand out from other similar Internet marketing programs available today. One of the biggest differentiators is the fact that the creators of this program run their own successful websites and make majority of their money from those websites.

Also, they have launched a number of products over the past six or seven years and have earned a reputation in the market for launching high quality products at an affordable price.

This particular program has everything needed to build a business from scratch. If you do not have any technical skills, you can use the provided software tools or the ‘done for you’ niche businesses to launch a product of your own. The training included in this program is in-depth and covers a number of case studies and personal experiences of the creators.

The product also have specific question and answer webinars where your doubts will be answered live by the creator of the product.

So, if you have been looking for a complete system that not only trains you make create your own online business from scratch but also gives you access to everything needed to build that business, this is the program that you have been looking for.


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I’m going to publish my review and more information about Adam Short Niche Profit Full Control very soon in the meantime make sure you read The article below about Getting Started With Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is an excellent way to boost your business’ bottom line. The Internet provides you with access to potential customers throughout the world, making it easy to grow your business. If you want to get the most out of your marketing efforts, however, there are some important tips that you need to know. The following suggestions should help you succeed with Internet marketing.

Work on getting links to your site. Search engines analyze how many other pages on the Internet are linking to your site and use this information to gauge how popular your page is. If you have a lot of links to your site from other high quality websites, your business will generally get listed higher in the search results. Ideally, you should focus on finding new sites to link to your own site each day if you want to dramatically increase your traffic and boost your sales.

One way of driving a lot of traffic to your site without spending a fortune is through referral marketing. This type of marketing, which is often called “word of mouth” marketing, can be an effective way to grow your business. If you always focus on providing your customers with excellent service, you will improve the chances of them telling their friends and family members about your site.

Converting visitors into buyers often is easier if you use videos to demonstrate your products. Being able to see how effective a product is in a video gives people the confidence they need to take out their wallet and make a purchase. The more information you can provide about how the product can benefit them, the more likely they are to buy.

Implement an in-depth tracking program that monitors all of the ways that customers interact with your business. This not only includes tracking visitors to your website, but also tracking how many emails, calls or letters you receive. This will give you a clear picture on how many customers you have and how invested they are in working with your company.

Encourage people to share your site by offering a coupon or discount code that they can share with their friends. Be sure to let your current customers use the code as well so that they know how much their business means to you.

Make sure to keep the lines of communication open with your customers. You may want to set up a dedicated area of your website where customer can communicate directly with you. For instance, an online forum allows users to discuss your products and services and to raise any questions or complaints that they may have. This type of open discussion can help build customer loyalty.

The overall design of your website plays a key role in your online success. Presenting a professional looking site can leave a good first impression with visitors. Avoid overly cluttered designs or graphics that take a long time to load. Instead, design a simple, fast-loading website that is easy for your customers to navigate.

Don’t forget to include an area on your site where your visitors can find your contact information. This includes both an email address and a phone number. Not only will this help build trust with your visitors, but it can also boost your standing in the search results. Making it easy for customers to contact you will help you grow your business.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to other people in the Internet marketing field to form profitable partnerships. Working with others is a great way to expand your business and to develop new ideas that you may not have been able to come up with on your own.

Think about developing low-cost packages for customers who are willing to buy your products in bulk. This can help you increase your profits without a lot of additional investment. For instance, a good example of this can be seen with travel sites. If you book your car, hotel and airfare through the same site, you can get a discount. You can implement a similar strategy with your own products, offering discounts to people who purchase a series of products that complement one another.

Put customers’ fears to rest by offering a solid guarantee on your products or services. Buying online can be a risky proposition. Offering a guarantee can take some of the risk out of the equation, making customers more likely to buy. The more you can put their fears to rest, the greater your chances of making a sale.

Hopefully these tips have helped you see how easy it is to find success with Internet marketing. As long as you apply them to your site, chances are you will see a great deal of growth. Just keep testing new methods and playing around with strategies until you find something that works.

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