Push Connect Notify Review


PRODUCT Name: Push Connect Notify
Launch Date: May 17th 2016
Creator: Jimmy Kim and Ritoban C
Price: $39
Verdict: 100% Recommended
Official Website: pushconnectnotify.com

Hi guys and welcome to my blog. In this article I am going to share my unbiased review about Jimmy Kim and his best friend Ritoban Chakrabarti latest product called Push Connect Notify. At this time little information is shared about this product.

The product is build on the cloud technology and all you need to do to use it is to fill some blank fields get a code and paste that code on your site and you are good to go.
It works on blogs, websites, landing pages, eCommerce stores. This system uses a technology that not only utilizes the pop up that comes to your browser but it also utilizes a JavaScript to make sure it is unblockable. It can also captures your visitors email address as well so this system comes integrated with the top autoresponders softwares.

On the video below you can watch the software in action and all the features it has to offer:




DNA Wealth blueprint 3.0 Review


Review Of DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0

Trying to make money on the Internet may seem like the hardest thing in the world, but it isn’t. The idea is to find a program that is user-friendly and capable of helping you make a decent cash flow. There are many programs that claim to do just that, yet the reality is that they are blowing smoke. If you have heard of DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 and you want to find out if it is worth the time and money, here is an honest review of it.

Who Are The Creators?

peter_parks and_andrew_foxThe program is being launched in May 2016 by Andrew Fox and Peter Parks, who have been in the online money-making world for several years. It is common to see people appear out of nowhere and attempt to sell you a dream, but this is not the case here. Instead of sitting around and trying to convince you that they are all about making others smile, they admit that it is clearly about making money, and they want to help you make some.

What is The Cost?

If you are looking for one of those free programs or one where you send $1 to a ton of people to get started, this is not it. You will need to invest nearly $2000 to get your hands on this one. The creators make no apologies for this since they say what you will get in return is worth far more. Sure, you may balk at the idea of paying so much for a program, but there is a point. Setting a price like this shows the people who are really about making money and it separates them from those who are still waiting for some miracle to happen.

The Program History

In case you couldn’t tell, this is the third time that this program has launched, hence the name. The first two times it was released, people clamored for it and they were sold out in virtually no time. The great thing is that you will now have the chance to rewind time and get your hands on version 2.0 as well. As far as the original program goes, that one will still be locked in a vault.

What Do You Get?

This is a course that consists of several modules packed with information. If you have been disappointed by short videos that tell you a lot about nothing, this will certainly impress. Each of the modules offered is filled with information. Each one is at least 20 minutes and there is so much involved you will need to pull out a pen and take some much-needed notes. This may sound like a play on words, but it is the truth. You do not want to miss anything, so it would be in your best interest to grab a pen and paper before you get started.

The Speed

One problem that many people face when they are dealing with online businesses is waiting endlessly for something to happen. This is not something you will have to worry about in this case. In fact, one of the modules offered will show you how to make over $3000 in just three days. You will not have to sit around waiting and hoping that you will make back your initial investment; you will have that back in your pocket within a few days if you work this program to your advantage.

Social Media MODULES

There are a couple of modules that focus on using Facebook to your advantage. There are millions of people who log on daily and many marketers are not using this fact to the fullest extent. Things like abandoned social media profiles prove this point. This program will teach you how to get a handle on Facebook and use it as your own personal cash cow. It is clear to see how thorough the creators of this program are since they are going out of their way to make sure that they offer enough information on this.

The Guarantee

If you spend money on this program and you do not have the results that were promised, there is a guarantee in place. You will receive every cent of your investment back. Those who have joined other programs in the past know that some of them do not guarantee anything. You end up joining, being dissatisfied and walking away with your heart heavy and your pockets lighter. Again, if you do not have the outcome you were looking for, it will be possible to get all your money back, which means that you have no obligation.

The Secrets

Look around at all of the other programs out there and you will notice one commonality: The top earners are making themselves rich off of the smaller guy who is trying to get his foot in the door. There is a module that divulges all of the secrets that are used by successful marketers. With this information at your fingertips, it proves that you are going to be on the same playing field as everyone in the program. You will not have to worry about struggling to make a dollar while the next person grabs it from you and walks away hungrily.

For Advanced Users

This system is not only intended for those who are new to this world. In fact, there are a few modules that were created for the more advanced user. If you are an amateur, some of that information will go right over your head. While you have to pay for this module, you may not be able to use it for quite some time since you will have to learn all of the ropes first. This is a bit disappointing for many people who get this system, but the reality is that you should use it as a motivator and strive to master every aspect of this program.


When you invest and the program is launched, you will have access to a private Facebook group that will be available to members only. This is where you would g to find any updates or get answers to any questions you may have. This is a secret group that is only available by invitation. Since this is an exclusive offer that will only be available to a limited number of people, you may want to join now to avoid losing access to this forever.

Another thing you are given is access to the creators of the program. You will have a way to contact them in case you need them. As you probably already know, this is rare in the world of marketing. In fact, there are people who have been members of programs for years and they have never been allowed to have any interaction with the people at the top. This is not the case here at all, so you will definitely be in for a surprise if you decide to join.


Since this particular version of the program has not launched yet, it is hard to find a ton of information on it. This may be upsetting for many, especially when you are being asked to invest such a substantial amount of money. Do not worry since all of the information you will ever need will be inside the 15 modules given to you. This means that you will certainly have to take a chance, but the people in charge swear they will make it worth your while. Taking a glance at reviews from the two previous versions reveals that there are a ton of happy customers.

The Breakdown


  • This program is for people of all skill levels.
  • There are 15 modules of information and each is longer than 20 minutes.
  • The creators are experienced in the industry and this is not their first program at all.
  • You will receive unrestricted access to the creators and a secret Facebook group.
  • There is a money back guarantee in place for those who are unsatisfied.


  • There isn’t much information available about it online since it has not been launched yet.
  • You will have to invest nearly $2000 to get in on this.
  • Some of the modules are for people that have a bit more experience than the typical user.

The pros and cons were broken down so you can get a good idea of exactly what it is you are getting into. Basically, it is transparency at its finest. This should be refreshing to you, especially since Internet business is a very dog-eat-dog world.

As you can tell, there is a lot to learn and this program will offer you a chance to have it all handed to you. This is a very intensive program, which means that it is not for the faint of heart. If you are not ready to join something that will help you be more successful than you ever have been, then this is certainly not a system you want to invest in. Do not hesitate if you are curious since all of the available slots will be filled in no time.

My Funnel Empire Review



PRODUCT Name: My Funnel Empire
Launch Date: May 24th 2016
Product Creator: Bryan Winters
Price: $594
My Verdict: 100% Recommended
Site: www.myfunnelempire.com

Hi Folks and thanks for checking my article on Brian Winters latest product called My Funnel Empire. On this Page I am going to post my unbiased review about it a soon as I finish testing it.

Review Of My Funnel Empire

Over the years, thousands of products have been launched by big-name marketers in the Internet marketing industry with big claims. Unfortunately, the truth is that most of these systems have failed to deliver on their promises. One of the biggest problems with these systems is that they tend to be full of theory and lack real-life results.

However, there are some systems that have been fully tested and made a lot of money for their owners. One such system is the My Funnel Empire by Bryan Winters.

Who is Bryan Winters?

Bryan_WintersHis stories in no different from most folks these days who are forced to take on multiple jobs to put food on the table and take care of their loved ones.

He used to work in a plastic fabrication unit but one fine day, on Thanksgiving week, his boss took him aside and told them that he is being let go along with many others. He was devastated as he was the only earning member of his family and he had to take care of his two daughters and wife.

He found a job at another plastic fabrication unit but the salary was just enough to cover his expenses. So, he started dabbling online to make some extra money.

He knew that there was a lot of money to be made online. He set up a simple two page direct response website where he offered a huge package of e-books with resale rights. It worked and he realized the potential of passive income. He doubled down on the process and soon he was making more money than his day job. So, he quit.

He soon started a number of websites and his best website ended up making over $2 million online. He has been doing this for over 13 years now and he has boiled down all his learning and experience over the years into a simple formula that anyone can duplicate.

Bryan has everything he wanted in life and now, he wants to help others achieve the success that he has achieved in life.

What is My funnel Empire?

In simple terms, it is a completely automated sales funnel system. It is a system that generates $19,000 per month of passive income for Bryan Winters.

It is lead generation system that works on autopilot. Once you set up the system (takes just 2 minutes) and send some initial traffic, the system starts adding e-mail subscribers to your list for free.

It is widely recognized that every new e-mail subscriber is worth an estimated one dollar each month. In simple terms, if you have 10,000 e-mail subscribers, they are worth $10,000 per month. You make this money by sending affiliate offers to your subscribers. With huge subscriber lists, you can generate traffic on autopilot and are not dependent on advertising networks, search engine optimization or other such things to send targeted traffic to money making offers.

What is a Funnel?

funnelA typical funnel is a series of web pages where the visitor is typically asked for an e-mail address in exchange for a free offer. On the second page, there is usually a low-cost product which is known as the front-end offer. On the next page, the prospects see an upsell or the core product and so on.

However, the system created by Bryan and his team is different from the typical funnel system. It is an autonomous funnel system that grows naturally.
How It Works?

When you sign up, you become part of the MFE Founder’s Club. When you login into the system, it will take you straight to the back office. The back office includes a MFE Master Funnel link along with a friendly Control Panel.

When you join as a founding member and start sending traffic to your Master Funnel link, you will start building your email list on autopilot. When the traffic you send to your link first visits the link, they will see a free offer in exchange for their email.

When they subscribe, they are added to your email list and are known as end users. They can also set up their own funnel to build their own list. The beauty of this system is that when your end users start sending traffic to gain subscribers, they are also added to your list and your list starts growing up without any effort on your part.

Bryan shows you how to start getting traffic to your master funnel link initially.

For instance, if you only have 10 active users in your list and those 10 active users bring in 10 new subscribers each on a daily basis. You will add 100 subscribers to your e-mail subscription list on a daily basis and this number will keep growing. Within a few weeks or months, you will have a huge subscriber list that will print you money on demand.

However, that is not all. When your subscribers first login into the system, they will see a series of five offers with your affiliate links. These offers have been chosen by Bryan and his team after careful testing over months. The end users also get an opportunity to monetize their funnel with the same special offers. At this point, you are already making money from your end users as they join affiliate offers to present to their own subscribers.

They will also get the opportunity to choose up to 5 offers that they can promote to their list. However, all the offers that are not picked up by your end users remain hard coded with your affiliate links which means that when your end users start promoting their own funnel link, their subscribers will be presented up to 5 offers with your hard coded affiliate links. In simple terms, you will start making passive income without doing anything.


As a member of the Founder’s club, you have three options to choose from. When you choose the Gold system, you will have to pay just $97 one-time fee and you will get access to

  • Master funnel and member system
  • Direct response list builder
  • Direct response income builder
  • Autonomous list builder
  • Autonomous income builder
  • Full support
  • Lifetime dedicated hosting
  • Free bonus

When you choose Platinum system, you will be required to pay $197 one-time fee but you also get the option to customize your funnel which means that you can add your own offers to the funnel.

You also have the option to join the Diamond system where you get platinum system accounts for a one time fee of $397.


  • It is a completely autonomous system that keeps making money without you doing anything.
  • The system is extremely easy to set up as everything is done for you and it takes less than 2 min.
  • The system includes full support for you as well as your end users and lifetime dedicated hosting.
  • All the offers in the system have been fully tested and convert at a very high rate.
  • You also have the option to add your own offers to the system when you buy the Platinum system.


  • The membership to the MFE Founder’s club is available only for a short period of time and after that, you will be able to join the system only as an end user.


Overall, it is a completely autonomous system where you do not need to do anything after setting up your funnel. Brian also teaches you how to send initial traffic to your master funnel link in the beginning.

It will not only help you make a huge list of subscribers on complete autopilot but you will also be able to monetize your subscribers with tested offers. It also comes with 100% envy and if you’re not satisfied, you can ask for your money back immediately.

So, if you have tried out a number of systems and have not been able to make money online, you should definitely give this system a try.



You can watch the video below to understand more in depth features of this product and how you can use it to your advantage to get your business to the next level.



eComily App Review


PRODUCT Name: eComily App
Launch Date: May 18th 2016
Creator: Precious Ngwu
Price: $47
Verdict: TBA
Official Website: ecomily.io

Hello Guys! Welcome to this page where I am going to review the eComily App Software. At the time of this post there is not much information about it.

So check back later to read my unbiased review about it.

Take Care, Katie