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PRODUCT Name: The Virtual CEO Lifestyle
Launch Date: May 10th 2016
Creator: Eben Pagan
Price: $4997
Verdict: 100% Recommended
Official Website:

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Who is Eben Pagan

Biography Of Eben Pagan, A Sales Mastermind

eben-peganHow did this high school dropout from Oregon and former real estate agent, make the transition from an underachiever who seldom hit the books to a young man who hit the stage to a top marketing ace promoted by Tony Robbins to gross more than $147 million? How does he stun critics and challenge them with his cannon of teachings? This is the fascinating story of Eben Pagan.

The Critics’ Choice

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. People whose lives have transformed as a result of Eben Pagan‘s products might take a slightly different stance. It would go that he who faces the most flak, and scam accusations must be the most effective catalyst of change.

Why Is Eben Pagan An Agent Of Change?

Ironically Eben Pagan’s line of work is to change people’s beliefs to build up their lives dealing with money, relationships, and health. Before exploring this self-built mental powerhouse more, understand this: his loud opposing critics are a sign of his effectiveness and here is why.

The subconscious is a powerful part of the brain’s computer and an individual’s experiences are fed by their life-long beliefs. No matter how hard an individual consciously tries to will new beliefs, the subconscious will balk if it senses its strongly rooted and ingrained beliefs are being questioned or threatened. Humans are wired to fear change more than anything else in life, even if staying the same is harmful.

Unfortunately, the subconscious supercomputer stores every experience up until the age of 8 as truth. It is not until 9 through 12 that critical thinking and the ability to reject any thoughts comes into being. It means a lot of beliefs about an individual’s parents’ money beliefs are sitting in wait to sabotage them as they take a new job, or attempt to go into business for themselves.

There are several ways to change the subconscious. Pagan’s method coaxes his students to take action that has different, and better effects than they have ever before achieved. This transforms their beliefs.

Customer Psychology Key To Making Online Sales

His ability to overcome psychology is what successfully sells Guru Mastermind, the famed online marketing system for $10,000 a pop. After all, who is better poised to teach online marketing than a man whose earnings surpassed $147 million?

Guru teaches people to ferret out a community who needs informational products in one of three areas. He is a huge proponent of video, which suggests not only that he keeps up with best practices for solid SEO, but that he also understands the pull of emotions in sales. Most communication occurs in body language, with only 7 percent of the words having any power.

Applying his own ability to sell the Guru system is a great way to demonstrate how to make sales. Out of a couple billion unique Internet users, only a certain percentage will have a need to learn online marketing. Even a smaller percentage will be serious enough about growing their business that they would invest or risk $10,000. He finds his audience, hits a pain point, switches them into change-seekers willing to risk $10,000, and does so by making an inferential and yet rational pull at their emotions.

Inferences such as putting himself or his Syndicate Group team members up on a video showcasing their car collections or beachfront mansions put people in their shoes. It makes it real. It is pure genius and an excellent execution of sales efforts. For people on a budget, he offers plenty of free videos and newsletters, particularly in anticipation leading up to a product launch. From there, the Self Made Wealth series lays out a bevy of informational evidence that people create their reality. It blows the whistle on the subconscious and serves as a wake-up call.

Selling Information
The products he encourages people to sell are information. There is nothing more than evaluating strengths in knowledge and targeting a group of people who have a problem. The information product must fulfill or solve the problem. That’s his formula to earning $100 million dollars in the last decade, with $10 million originating from his business information solutions.

The Syndicate Group
Eben Pagan, or his alter ego, David De Angelo, is part of a premiere group of entrepreneurs who successfully market information products. The Syndicate Group, including Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, and Mike Filsaime jettisoned to notoriety when Tony Robbins began promoting them.


What is The Virtual CEO Lifestyle?

The Virtual CEO Lifestyle is a coaching program developed by one of the biggest name in the Personal Development and Marketing Field called Eben Pagan.

The Latest Development
The Virtual CEO Lifestyle, Eben Pagan’s latest offering builds up naturally from his other products. It is $4997, complete with a 30-day money back guarantee, with bonus material that equals the product’s sale price. The product represents a natural progression from his earlier online sales education to mastering a wealth mindset to now — understanding how to manage a business as a CEO of a virtual online business.

Specifically, The Virtual CEO Lifestyle makes the distinction between pushing people and leading them. To maintain their level of success, a CEO has to master the constant barrage of challenges with a level head, while remaining grounded, and even harnessing problems into solutions with a financial payoff.

The whole payload of products include Guru Mastermind training, Self Made Wealth, Accelerate, Marketing Step By Step, Wake Up Productive, Ignition, Attitude, Guru Home Study Course, Guru Traffic Intensive, Digital Product BluePrint and How To Build A Profitable Business Starting From Scratch.

In full Eben Pagan fashion, he uses proof positive to earn people’s buy-in into his teachings. In The Virtual CEO, he reasons that even in the past decade, beset with financial challenges, some CEOs, and their companies continued forging ahead more successful than ever. In the 5-module teaching, he shifts CEO’s focus from vanity management or caring too much how a company looks, to credibility. It means that everyone is responsible for their successes and their part in the company’s operation.

Pagan’s teaching advises CEOs to set their company and staff up for success. His earlier efforts have the same shift in perception that enables people to succeed despite their early-life programming. His common sense approach is undoubtedly useful and profitable.



Detailed Recode DNA for Wealth Review

  • Product Creator: Dawn Clark 
  • Product Name: Recode DNA for Wealth
  • Official Site:
  • Price: $497 (one time fee)
  • Rating: 100% Recommended


Download Dawn Clark JumpStart Your WealthGene eBook NOW.

Scroll below for my in-depth Recode DNA for Wealth Review. 

Dawn Clark Recode DNA for Wealth ReviewReaching your potential is one of those things that is rather simple as long as you are aware of what you are doing. This is key as there are many people who throw away heaps of money for no reason and there is a limit to everyone’s budget before you have to quit and settle with the status quo. What if you could get a bit of guidance along the way to help you? This is where Recode DNA claims to come in and do the trick, but does it really? Here are the pros and cons of this product.



There are six modules present in this product and each one is going to have something unique to bring to the table. You are going to love the quality they have to offer. Let’s take a look at what these modules are going to include.

  • Module #1: Unlocking Untapped Wealth
  • Module #2: Decoding Junk DNA
  • Module #3: Overcoming Imprints Of Scarcity
  • Module #4: Mapping The Impact
  • Module #5: Deciphering Imprints
  • Module #6: Getting Personalized Tools


The overall quality of the content is out of this world and you are going to feel it immediately. Why go with something that is not going to be detailed along the way? It is essential to build the foundation from which you can launch forward and see great results as a whole.

There are many people who don’t give this enough thought and that can become a bothersome reality to deal with at the best of times. It is imperative to make sure you are focused on this as much as you can.

Audio And Video Content

The best part about this product comes from the attention to detail when it comes to understanding different learning styles. The creator, Dawn Clark has not rushed through the product when putting it together and you will notice this immediately. You can tell Dawn has put in a lot of work with both the audio and video content. The content is easy to go through because each person and their learning styles will be equipped with the right content to maximize the value being received. This is always important for those who want to be sure about what they are getting.

Can Be Customized

A solution that can be customized is always going to be better as each person is different. While, the content is the same, the surveys, and foundational tests at the beginning of this journey are great and detailed. They are going to help set ‘benchmarks’ as Dawn states in the product to help gauge one’s current position and eventual progress.

it is quite telling and will immediately begin to showcase what has to be worked on and what might be some of your key strengths. This is a significant benefit for those who use this product.


Does it work? At the end of the day, it does not matter how comprehensive a product is. If the product does not work, you are not going to be happy and rightly so. You are going to be paying $4997 for this product and you are going to want to be sure about what you are getting your hands on.

This is effective because you are getting something that works. It has been reviewed by numerous people and is simply brilliant. The results have worked for those who have wanted to see progression as soon as possible.

Simple To Follow

There are some excellent products on the market, but this does not mean they are simple to follow. Some of them are rather complicated and one will feel overwhelmed with the information being sent in their direction. This is when you would know you have wasted money on something that is just not going to be easy to understand.

Recode DNA is great because of how simple the English is and how straightforward the solutions are. It is the combination of these solutions that are going to ensure you are headed in the right direction as needed. It is a truly empowering option that is going to change your life without a doubt.

Fast Results

Don’t want to have to wait around for a long time in order to see results? Each person is going to be different and that has to be taken into account. However, this is one of those products that has been built in a way where you are going to see quick results along with long-term progression for eternal growth.

This is hard to beat and you are going to realize the overall value of this product as each day goes by. It is impactful to say the least.

Great Bonuses Such As Group Coaching Calls

The general product is wonderful and that is fair enough for those who are going to be spending the money, but what about the bonuses? It is the bonuses, which are going to bring a smile to your face right away. Dawn Clark has made sure people are not left behind with regards to the content that has been put in the product.

There are specific group coaching calls for those who are trying to figure out what they should do next in order to see positive results. This is the passion Dawn Clark has for the product and it shows the journey will continue until you see success.

Consistent Quality On Offer

Quality is something you are going to point out immediately about this product. It simply is well put together and that is hard to find in this day and age with products that are rushed and ineffective. This is packaged perfectly and you can tell how much time was spent putting it together from top to bottom.

There are so many people who tend to get frustrated because the product they went with is rubbish and rushed. This is not one of them and the consistent quality is going to be loved.

Takes Time To Fill Out Surveys In The Beginning

What about a potential con this product might have? It surely can’t be flawless right. No product is flawless. This isn’t either. There is one issue that will bug people and that will come in the form of the surveys and how long they take to fill out. You can’t skip them because you are going to need them to gauge how you are doing.

Each survey will take 15-20 minutes as they are detailed. If you persevere through this, the rest of the product is going to be a goldmine for you to tap into.

Concluding Opinion

Is this a solution that is going to help you get the most out of your potential? There are so many options out on the market and it can be frustrating to say the least. If you are aiming to go with something substantial that is going to work out as needed right off the bat, this is the option to go with. There is no value in going with options that are not going to yield good results and this is proven to do a good job.

It is a well-received product and one that is going to get to work as needed for you immediately. This is an easy buy for those who are serious about the direction they are going in. The cons are minimal and you are going to reap the rewards of this decision within minutes of getting this set up.

Take the plunge, it is well worth it.


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