Centument LTD Review

Hey guys I just invested in Centument Limited by Gerald Reed… I’m testing Centument’s Assets Training Software and below you can read my in-depth review so that you can make an informed decision without making an investment first.


Your Full In-Depth Centument Limited Review

When it comes to the wild world of Forex trading, and especially in dealing with the excitement of binary options, it can be difficult to sort through all the supposed can’t miss trading systems out there to find the actual trading programs that get results. The unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of scams when it comes to Forex trading software and systems, and especially when it comes to dealing with the binary options side of things. This can make it extremely difficult for legitimate trading systems to break out and get a fair shake.

So which side of the fence does the Centument Limited trading program by Gerald Reed Centument LTD investment firm fall under? That’s a fully legitimate question to ask in a market that has so many pretenders and scams trying to choke out the few programs that have been real world tested and actually stand to give traders a true leg up over the real life trading markets.

This review is going to look into everything that this program has to offer and what our general opinion is based on all the facts at hand, but first some critical to understand information.

What Are Binary Options?

Centument-binary-optionsBinary options are a relatively new trading specialty to arrive on the scene, but they bring a lot of excitement and potential. This is particularly true when binary options are used with the Forex market, a trading platform that is notorious for taking even skilled traders who properly see short and long term trends and wipe out their positions in the meantime simply because of moment to moment volatility.

Binary options allow traders to avoid that moment to moment volatility by betting on a currency pair’s general position at a fixed point, meaning they can bet on trends they see of a value going up or down at a point hours away without the fear of minute to minute volatility and leverage wiping out the position. This makes binary options a very attractive potential option.

Saving Traders from Forex Failure
The best binary trading software programs are the ones that can save traders from losing. This sounds obvious, but a lost binary trade means losing the entire amount put down. This is part of the reason binary trading is sometimes referred to as “gambling” in the investment world and also goes to show why a strong program is critical. Even a couple losses can wipe out multiple large gains.

A good trading software will play it safe when reading trends, and go with several small trading profits and no losses over a 50/50 strategy with several big wins. The first option puts traders in much more profitable shape in the short and long term.

Who Is Behind the Centument Limited Program?

Gerald-Reed-Centument-CEOGerald Reed originally worked on Wall Street and understands how the trading world works. In fact, he was making over $4 million a year when he finally decided it was time to walk away. At that point, according to his story, he went independent. Aside from creating his own investment firm, the idea is that his software looks at the patterns that the “best of the best” Wall Street traders all know about and takes advantage of those to develop software that, in theory, should help even the biggest novice be able to experience really positive trading results.

Gerald’s background as a bond trader and credit default swap trader shows that he knows how the markets work, even moving from one specific market to another. Gerald was recruited by banks like Bank of America and Citibank to come work for them. Once the housing market bubble collapsed and new regulations came in, that’s when he decided it was time to go independent and not have to rely on anyone for his salary anymore, an idea that he wanted to push out with his new company and share with other people.

What’s the Difference in Trading Strategies?

Gerald’s background also gave him insight into how many of the best traders worked. They didn’t take swing for the fence home runs and deal with major misses, they looked for smart strategies and long time patterns that had shown a history of paying off in small safe trades over and over again. Putting a large account on repeat while continuing to reap all those benefits could make the difference between a fast account that could grow to large amounts of money and the trader who talked big but also lost big.

Ever notice how many billionaires talk about the most important financial books being old classics written in the 1930’s like “The Richest Man in Babylon” or how Warren Buffett became the richest man in the world by investing heavily in a safe small number of core stocks for the long run? While modern markets are different now, the same idea applies. Safe, protect the principle, and make many small wins that can immediately be reinvested.

If that sounds familiar it’s because that is the perfect trading strategy for binary options. You want as many wins as possible and to limit losses at all costs.


Why Go with an Automated Program?

centument-automatedAn automated program has several things going for it once it is correctly set up. More frequent trades taking advantage of clear trends as they are happening allows for extremely smart risks and also makes it much more likely for an end result of profit.

Automation not only allows the quickest possible spotting of a trend, and can take immediate action that the trader wouldn’t be able to see and react quickly enough to take advantage of. Automating the process also takes the emotion out of it. Despite movies talking about a trader’s gut – instinct never trumps patterns and cool technical analysis.

The fact the main setting for this software is to go on automation is a good sign that it is programmed to out perform what any person could hope to achieve manually. No emotion and a lightening fast analysis of ever-changing markets means a lot more winning opportunities.

Is This Just Another Binary Options Scam?

While it’s always good to be cautious, in this case the automated trading program looks like the real deal and the fact the company behind it is looking at a public IPO is even more encouraging. This means the company only profits going public if the reputation is sterling and if it is known for producing results. The fact a full 200 employees are working for the parent company is also a huge positive sign. Most scams or poor software come from individuals or companies that, once you did through the paperwork, end up being only a handful of people.

Perhaps the most encouraging sign is the fact there are no “$100 to $1 million in one week” stories. A variety of major trading publications have practiced using this software and they all mentioned seeing small profits the first day, a slightly larger amount the first week, and over time as more and more wins were re-invested back into the program, the amounts won on a monthly basis were continuing to grow.

What’s the Verdict?

All the signs surrounding Centument Limited are pretty positive. The fact the company is large, is ready to go public, and has been willing to make the software available to a wide number of publications and people show confidence in the final product. For anyone actually looking for automated trading software that actually fulfills the promise of creating wealth instead of disappointing sales copy letdown, this is a truly good bet to work over the long term.


So far I have won 25 trades and lost 6, if you haven’t checked  Centument LTD  go to the official website and take a look, make sure that you come back for the full Centument LTD Review.


Tip To Help You Become A Successful Binary Trader

You don’t need to have a degree from a famous university in order to earn money by trading in the Binary market. However, it is still very important to learn as much as you can about how the market works. Following intricate trading numbers and currency pairs isn’t something everyone has a mind to do. That is why it is so important to learn as much as you can about Binary before investing. Keep reading this article to learn what steps you need to take to become a successful Binary trader.

The broker you choose can mean the difference between success and failure for you. Brokers are a type of service provider, so you need to qualify them like you would anyone else before you jump on board. If you value your money, then your broker should as well. A good broker knows that by providing you with quality help both sides will profit from it.

It doesn’t matter how much marketing analysis knowledge or business acumen you might have, it can be risky to trade in the binary market unless you are very disciplined. Without a strong sense of self-control, it is likely you will end up over trading, rely on forecasts that are unpredictable and ultimately your own greediness. However, there are strategies that can be used to assist you with mastering the psychology that is involved in binary trading. Your goal should be to develop your own unique trading strategy and then stick with it, despite the fact that occasionally it will let you down. Don’t focus on the trading trends that are on the news. Keep in mind that professional marketers know about this information well before it makes the news. By that point, it is already irrelevant. Expect small victories instead of huge windfalls. Don’t miss good opportunities due to the fact that you’re focused on over-analyzing a potential trade. By the time that you finally make your mind up, it will usually be too late. These tips can be used to improve your trading knowledge and help you become a professional player in the binary market.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in binary trading successes from the past to the point that you ignore current signals. You should begin to take larger risk just because you have seen some success. In fact you should do the exact opposite: stay with the same level of risk that help you achieve successful traders to begin with.

Making use of stop loss while doing Binary trades is a very smart thing to do. Many new traders have a tendency to continue trading no matter how large their loses are in hope that they will still be able to turn a profit. However, that isn’t a good strategy. Stop loss can help anybody better handle their emotions, and when individuals are calm, they have a tendency to make better decisions.

When people are successful with their Centument LTD  trading, they have a tendency to be careless and greedy. Later down the road, that can lead to losses. Allowing panic and fear to disrupt your trading can also lead to disaster. Make sure that you trade based on your market knowledge instead of emotion. Once your emotions get involved, there is the risk that you will make impulsive decisions that end up being harmful.

Trying to compete with other traders is a mistake. Just because another trading is achieving a 20% return doesn’t necessarily mean you should change the trading strategy strategy you are using to try to do even better. Each trader is different. You should use the tools that work the best for you. You should be looking to make a profit over the long term and not trying to get rich over night.

Set both reasonable short term and long term goals for yourself. Make weekly goals as well as monthly goals and keep track of your progress. Whenever you make short term goals it allows you to see how much progress you have made towards your long term goals as well. You can also make any necessary adjustments.

Before you start trading, make sure you have your written plan first. Be clear about what your goals are and the things you want to achieve with a specific trade. Know what the distance is between your entry and your stop. How much do you pan to make this year? These are the kinds of things that you should include as part of your written plan.

Practicing money management is one of the more important aspects when it comes to foreign exchange trading. Try to maximize your profits and minimize your losses so that you don’t lose all the money that you’ve made so far through engaging in risky trades.

When you are doing Centument’s Assets Training, keep these tricks and tips in mind in order to earn some money. Although you don’t need to have a formal education in finance, it is still important for you to understand how this specific market works and what you can do to capitalize on it, in order to become a successful trader over the long-term.

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