Channel Ranger Review – Scam or Real Deal?

Channel Ranger ReviewChannel Ranger is a new binary options trading software created by Devon Miles that is so simple and profitable that it’s guaranteed to change how the world views binary options. At the very least, it will change how you view it if you decide to take the plunge and use the software yourself. It’s simplicity is one of its best qualities and the reason why anyone, even a person with zero trading experience, can download the software and start making money.

As this is a product for everyone, it’s entirely possible you have no experience with binary options. Here is a brief explanation of binary options trading, how it differs from traditional investing options, and why it is actually much better for the average person.

A Closer Look At Binary Trading.


Traditional investing is a stressful and complex procedure. First, you place capital on a certain asset. Then, you must watch that asset around the clock and wait for an increase in value of that particular asset. Should the value increase and then you sell, then you’ve made a profit. However, if the value of that asset decreases before you make the sell, then you’ve lost money.

No matter what, the value of that asset must increase in order for a profit to be made. This means you have to spend countless hours researching, looking at economical signs, and then choose an asset you feel certain is going to increase in value. Even then, nothing is guaranteed and a lot of people lose a lot of money.

Binary options trading is far easier to understand and to profit from than the process described above. “Binary” means that there are two possible options. The first option is a “put” and the second option is a “call”. Anytime you invest you are either placing a put option or a call option.

A call option means you believe the value of the asset will increase in a given amount of time. A put option is the opposite and means that you believe the value of the asset will decrease within a period of time. Unlike traditional investing where profits are only made if the value increases, with binary options you can profit whether it increases or decreases in value. That means it’s possible to profit from any asset, including those that are declining in value.

It still helps to familiarize yourself with the asset as much as possible before making a trade. However, there’s much less to worry about when trading binary than with traditional investing.

A second advantage for binary options is that it is easier to build logical software that can make automated trades throughout the day based on a variety of signals. The Channel Ranger program does something very similar to this. Let’s look at how the Channel Ranger system works and then you can decide whether it’s worth your time.

What Channel Ranger Is And Isn’t.

First, let’s cover what the Channel Ranger “isn’t”. It’s important because there are many other binary trading programs on the market today, but none of them work in the same way as this program. Unlike many of those other programs, the Channel Ranger doesn’t take advantage of trading loopholes or marketing secrets.

Everything is simple, easy-to-understand, completely ethical, and laid out in front of you so that you understand every step of the process. It utilizes a trading theory that has been observed for more than 80 years now. They are referred to as price channels, which is when prices move side-to-side between two parallel lines on a chart. This might sound complicated if you don’t understand how these charts work, but it basically means that the prices are moving in a constant and predictable pattern for a given period of time.

Channels occur naturally in all types of assets. Supply and demand are often the forces moving the prices along this predictable pattern of support and resistance. If a program were able to spot these channels as soon as they appear and then make the appropriate binary trades at the right moments, then it could be extremely profitable. That is exactly what the Channel Ranger does, hence the name.

Making Profits Like Bouncing A Ball.


The Channel Ranger can spot price channels almost as soon as they appear on the charts. It then places call options while the price is at the bottom line of the channel. The price then goes up until it reaches the top line of the channel where a put option is then placed. This is repeated over and over until the end of the channel is identified and trades are stopped.

The program is making you money each time the price reaches the top or the bottom of the channel. Devon Miles compares this to bouncing a basketball. Each time the ball hits the court you are making a profit and each time it comes up and touches the hand you are making a profit again. Repeat this for hundreds of times throughout the day and you can easily make thousands of dollars without doing any real work yourself.

Only, in reality, it’s actually easier than bouncing a ball. You don’t have to actually do anything other than invest your capital, download the program, and let it get to work. Bouncing a ball all day, on the other hand, might leave you tired.

An Easy Way To Break Into Any Market.

Binary options trading isn’t limited to just one particular market. Profits can be made from Forex trading, commodities trading, and even trading stocks. Price channels exist in all of these areas and the Channel Ranger can identify them with an extremely high level of accuracy.

The main difference between trading in these individual markets is the amount of capital required to see significant returns. The Forex takes the least amount of capital with stocks tending to take the most.

Don’t Be The Last Person To Get Started.

Devin Miles

Devon Miles has already helped hundreds of people earn their financial freedom with this powerful trading tool. He set out with a goal of changing how the world views these financial markets and there is no doubt that he has succeeded. Don’t be the last of your friends to earn financial freedom using the Channel Ranger software.


13 thoughts on “Channel Ranger Review – Scam or Real Deal?”

  1. Finally! a Binary options software from a real company with a real CEO and real credentials to back it up. This is what we’ve been waiting for!

  2. The potential here is unbelievable. Finally – a great looking software program that I can actually trust on automatic.

  3. It’s hard to find a legit binary options system that lives up to the sales hype. Thanks Katie for taking the time to research and find one that really does what it promises!

  4. Usually I’m more of the cautious type, but after all the great things I see about Channel Ranger I’m ready to just charge full speed ahead.

  5. This is just an incredible system…I almost can’t believe they’re sharing it. Thank you so much Katie for the heads up! So glad I got in early on this one.

  6. Katie, would you consider this one of your top buys? I know you’re enthusiastic, but if we’re on a budget, is this program still worth the investment compared to everything else?

    • Aron the system is free there is nothing to buy. You only have to invest some $$ to beggin trading. Yes this the top system of 2015. If you are on a budget just invest only $250 and start from there.

  7. Usually I see automatic trading as a way for some software to empty out your bank account, but I can’t be happier with how my balance just keeps growing!

  8. As much as I wanted to be sarcastic and snooty about this software, on auto I’ve seen 11 wins in 13 trades. If this keeps up this’ll be the happiest I’ve ever been to be proven wrong.

  9. Hi Katie
    i have been looking for something online for a long time now. Nothing seem to work even though I spent money and time without seeing significant results. I know there is something out there for me. This is why I will not give up. I really hope this is the one for me. I enjoyed reading the comments and watching the videos about Channel Ranger.
    So Katie, what do you think? Will I be successful using Channel Ranger?

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