Cloud Trader Review – is it another Scam?!


A Completely Honest Review of the Cloud Trader Program

Everyone wants to be on top of the next big thing before it blows up, and there are plenty of stories of that janitor who worked for Facebook, the college student who created some new million dollar app, or those MIT grads who found a trading pattern that seemed to never fail. With the way technology is moving, there are more programs than ever to help with trading and that promise to allow people to trade from their own homes and make amazing profits without even having to know the ins and outs of the binary options trading market because the software takes care of it.

There are many different pieces of software that make that claim and then don’t deliver, so how are you supposed to figure out which ones do? Read on for a full honest and comprehensive review of Cloud Trader. This review will give you plenty of information so you can decide whether or not it is effective and whether or not it is right for you.

Who Is Matthew Shepherd?
MatthewMatthew Shepherd is the creator of the Cloud Trader program. He was tired of living from one paycheck to another and decided he needed to take control to break the chain. He looked at binary options hoping to find the promised success, though instead he found a lot of empty promises and lost some serious money as a result. He could have kept going this route, but decided he would instead be the one person who created a binary options trading software that actually worked.

He knew he was out of his league doing this on his own, so he made sure to meet Wall Street experts and find those who wanted to help. Then he found mathematicians and coders, and all of them together had the information needed in order to finally put the software together.

What About the Profits?
The early results are definitely promising. Some of the early beta testers using this program can brag about already making a full $1,200 in a single day, every single day the markets are open. Many people don’t make that in a week and yet some people are making that in a single day. Not everyone is, at least not yet, but that does show the potential.

What Are the Realistic Odds?
There are many programs claiming winning records of 90%, but many of them can’t come close to backing that up. Some of the better programs talk about a win rate of 70% which, while not bad, isn’t great, either. With the way binary options work, you’d like to see something a little more consistent than winning 7 days and losing 3 – especially if some of those wins are the “just barely” type of variety.

One thing that makes Cloud Trader different and really is making people excited for the future is that among beta testers the win rate is a full 100%. Does this mean you’ll win every single trade? No – that would be ridiculous no matter how good your system, but it does mean that you will win every single day trades are being made. You might come out ahead by a little or a lot, but you will come out ahead.

Very Easy to Use
One of the major benefits of Cloud Trader is just how easy the program is to use. While being a seasoned trader always helps, the pattern recognition in this software is so good you can simply set it to automated trading and let the program locate and trade. Some days there might be dozens of trades, some days only a few, but all you need to do is sit back and watch the tested and tried program do its thing.

So What’s The Cost?
The initial group offering will get to use the program free of charge. The drawback is that they get a percentage of the profits. This shows how confident they have to be because you’re not paying them massive amounts of money for some second rate software that doesn’t deliver. They’re only benefiting when you benefit from the results of the trades.

The Exclusiveness of This Software Is Critical to Overall Success
The software is new and the early user groups number just over 1,000 people. That’s a lot of testing and goes to show how successful individuals have been looking at this particular system. As of this writing their combined profits are around $130,000 total and that amount just keeps on growing over time. The program is in the beginning stages, and the total number of people let in is going to be limited. This is critical to make sure that it continues to work and that the markets don’t get over-saturated.

This also means there’s going to be a limited amount of time to get the software before it closes up, probably forever.

So what’s the overall breakdown of Matthew Shepherd’s Cloud Trading?


  1. The program is free, so there’s no up-front risk
  2. Some people are making over a thousand dollars a day
  3. An impressive 100% record with profitable days
  4. Automated software means the field is leveled and you don’t have to be an expert


  1. There’s not a lot of information since it’s been a limited release
  2. You need to invest some initial trading money to get started
  3. Still in early phases of development

The overall picture is actually very good looking, as you can probably tell by the last con. Who cares about early stages of development if the system is already profitable on some level every single day of trading? It was a stretch to find that third con – but that’s how good of a sign you have that this binary options trading program is the real deal. There’s really no reason not to give this program a try? If you want financial independence and you want the freedom and joy that comes with that, then why not try a trading program that so far has a perfect track record and doesn’t force you to cough up several hundred (or several thousand) dollars up front?




For more info on binary read the below article:

How to Improve Your Trading Stragies in the Binary Market by using Cloud Trader

Trading in the foreign currency exchange markets is an exciting investment opportunity. You can make a lot of money in this market; however, you must be ready to act quickly. When trading in the Binary market, you must trade decisively with skill and knowledge, never with your emotions or on a whim. The information below can help you avoid making the most common mistakes that plague novice binary traders.

Understanding the current market trends and how they affect profitability can help maximize your profits.
Always understand what the market is doing and the currencies that are the strongest. Staying abreast of the current news and following marketing trend can help you be successful. Never trade right after a breaking news story. You will want to wait and see how the market reacts to the news.

Keep your computer screen simplified by only having the information that you need to make your trades. Cluttering your computer screen with numerous indicators can cause you to become confused. Additionally, most of the information from these indicators will not provide you with the information you need to successfully trade in the foreign currency exchange market.

Develop a plan with clearly defined goals before you begin trading with Cloud Trader system in the Binary.
Once you have developed a plan, stick to it. The strategy and goals you make will depend on whether you are trading full time or you are trading part time to increase your income. Protect yourself by avoiding trades that are too risky. By having clearly defined parameters, you can avoid taking a large loss.

Avoid using Binary robots. These are best used for sellers; however, they do not work well for buyers. Instead of depending on robots, think for yourself and make your decisions based on your goals and strategies.

Once you have developed both short-term and long-term goals, it is time to put your strategies into practice.
Develop a time frame for each goal. In addition to making profit goals, you should have measures in place should you lose money in the Binary market. Always have a backup plan to help avoid losing your life savings.

Before you begin to trade with Cloud Trader in the foreign currency exchange market, you must find a broker. Carefully research several brokers and learn all you can about their trading strategies. You want an experienced broker with proven success. Avoid using inexperienced brokers as they are still learning how to effectively trade in the foreign exchange market.

If you are new to investing and are ready to get your feet wet in the foreign currency trading market, consider investing in the Euro. This currency is used through most of Europe. Because of the strength of this currency, it is unlikely that you will lose money trading with this currency. Current market trends and brokers suggest that the Euro will remain strong and the value of the Euro should continue to rise.

You must know when to cut your losses when trading in the foreign currency exchange market.

This will help you avoid large losses and will help protect your investments. It is always better to lose a little bit of money rather than to hope the market will swing, only to realize that values will continue to decline.
Keep a journal chronicling every purchase and sale you have made. This information will help you determine how to avoid future losses by understanding the areas where you are weak. As you continue investing, it will help you learn from your mistakes, which can help you maximize your profits over time.

After reading this article, you should be better prepared to begin trading in the existing world of foreign currency exchange. Learning how to properly prepare before investing will help you decrease your risk of losing money and increase your chance of making a profit in the Binary market. Understand the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them to prevent losing money in the foreign exchange market.

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