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Binary options are an exciting market that opens up an amazing array of opportunities for traders at every budget level, however only a fool jumps in without any prior knowledge or experience in a market. There are risks, but Guaranteed Payouts and other similar programs that try to copy their results exist because the potential is there to make a fortune with smart trades. However, no human brain (no matter how smart or advanced) is going to be able to read charts, recognize patterns, and analyze information with the speed an efficiency as a truly good trading program.

So how does Guaranteed Payouts hold up in real world markets? Let’s take a look at this trading platform and how it comes out of testing in the real life online markets.

What Are Binary Options?
GuaranteedPayouts-softwareBinary options are a relatively new form of trading that often go hand in hand with the Forex market, but can technically be used with a variety of other markets, as well. A binary options is a “yes/no” trade that either wins and makes profit based on the “odds” it was given to succeed, or it loses in which case the entire investment is lost.

This is why binary options is sometimes seen as the closest thing to gambling in investing since there is that all or nothing component to it.

The advantage comes in being able to place trades based on overall trends instead of having to guess that very minute or second where the markets will be (which is impossible). By being able to simply bid on which direction a market moves by a certain time, a bet can be put in and cashed out based on solid technical analysis and proper timing.

Why Do You Need a System to Trade Them?
There are several reasons why the common trader needs to have a system to make money consistently trading binary options. Actually the truth is that because of the fluid nature of the commodity and Forex markets, a person just isn’t fast enough to read the information, analyze the trends, look up trading patterns in the market, analyze those trends, and then put it all together and shoot off a trade in a matter of seconds – or even less than a second.

The reason you need a system to succeed is because you’re talking about time in micro seconds. The markets are constantly moving because it takes less than a second for one computer to talk to another on the network and make a transaction official.

Looking Specifically at Guaranteed Payouts
GuaranteedPayoutsIn theory this can lead to an anomaly where in that time the raw data can show a program how to trade to jump in line right ahead of a trend. A program that could do this by analyzing the raw market data that is live and publicly available, and then jumping in with a trade before a big market movement, would be able to “scalp” profits off of binary trades. This would be the most likely way to create an automated program that really could be right the far majority of the time and be consistently profitable. This is also the exact aim of the Guaranteed Payouts automated software system.

The story goes from Victor Langley, the founder of the Guaranteed Payouts program, that he found that anomaly of there being a bit of time when he could look at the trades and see what was about to profit, versus when they actually went through. That gave him the idea for this software, but he even admits that the technical aspect of creating an app or something similar.

However, after talking to some friends who had seen the some thing in the trading industries and knew more about the technical ins and outs of software and between the two of them were able to come up with the original form of this system. This is where we start going from benefits to claims, with the story going that at first it was good for three to four hundred dollars a day on average and then was tweaked over the months to see much higher pay-offs.

Benefits or Bonuses Offered
There are several potential benefits and bonuses offered with Guaranteed Payouts. The first major one is that this is a hands free program that automates – something that arguable is necessary for a scalping type of binary trading software to be effective.

Other bonuses offered include:
– A welcome bonus that doubles investment (only for the first 50 sign ups)
– Full 24/7 access to the cash in their account
– 24/7 access to the support team
– Attaching to the main account – you see how they’re trading and get the same benefits

What Is the Potential with Trading This System?
The potential is always hard to gauge because you would like to see a year or two year study to guarantee everything works consistently well. However, the theory behind the Guaranteed Payouts system is a good one, and according to the early claims there is some serious potential that you don’t want to ignore.

Just some of the potential benefits include:
– Claims of up to $400 an hour being possible
– 91.4% accuracy rate
– $10k-$20k a week on average
– 24/7 support from Victor & his team
– One time setup and then it’s automated
– A “guaranteed” result from this software

What Are the Drawbacks?
There are a few drawbacks to look at. The first is that this software only works with a very few brokers. This means the trader needs to work with one of this brokers to make sure the software works properly – which is critical when you’re trading your own money.

The second potential negative is a very limited membership. Membership is actually limited to 90 people total so there is going to be a bit of a rush for the open spots. This can also be a positive from the standpoint of it’s not being sold to everyone, showing a degree of restraint and concern for your investment.

What’s the Verdict?
There’s a lot to like about Guaranteed Payouts as an automated binary trading system. If you’re looking for something really hands on, this probably isn’t your software (and honestly you probably shouldn’t dive into binary options, either) but the rest of the software offers a lot.

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