Jimmy Kim Build My List 2.0 Review


Product Label: Build my List 2.0
Creator: Jimmy Kim
Launch Date: May 11th
Price: $49 for the Product and 2 upsells of $97 for additional training
The Verdict: It really does what it Promises. Totally Recommended

Build My List 2.0: Product Review

‘The money is in the list’ is a common phrase in the world of Internet marketing, but is there truth to this statement? Indeed, the highest earners in the world of Internet marketing are those who have built lists which are large and have hungry buyers eager to purchase what is being sold to them. Due to this reality, numerous products are released onto the market every year claiming to work and provide new marketers with a chance at building their own list. Jimmy Kim has released a new product ‘Build My List’ and claims to provide a picture-perfect system for those who are trying to enter the world of email marketing and finding success. Does this product work or is another option that is not good enough? This in-depth review will break down how the product works, its pros, and potential cons to answer whether or not it is worth buying.
Who Is Jimmy Kim?

jimmykIt is essential to highlight the man behind this product before highlighting anything else. Jimmy Kim was an eager Internet Marketing student wanting to learn the ropes of earning money online, so he decided to join Anik Singal’s program in the hopes of receiving quality advice. Indeed, he did receive fantastic advice and even partnered up with Anik Singal’s program to help it progress.

This was just a stepping stone towards more success as Jimmy Kim produced products such as Profit Academy and Inbox Blueprint to build his own foundation within the industry. The success of these products demonstrates his prowess as an Internet marketing expert.
How Build My List 2.0 Works?
Let’s begin by understanding how the product created by Jimmy Kim works to decipher its worth in the grand scheme of things. The product is designed to help guide marketers into formulating a plan, which is going to list to a hungry subscribers list.

The product is broken down into five specific modules. Each module teaches a new skill, which will assist in putting together a high quality email list, which will earn money. The user also receives a free ‘3 month’ subscription with Sendland (autoresponder) to help kickstart things. This is accompanied with a landing page builder to help gather leads and new subscribers.

Power calls will also be on offer to help with additional training and this is done on a daily basis. The purpose of these calls is to ensure you are completing all homework and/or related tasks found within the modules.
-Detailed Modules

The heart of this product comes through the five modules, which are to be viewed and understood because of the intricate details present from start to finish. Here is a look at the five modules and what they have to offer.

Module #1: List Secrets
Module #2: The Profit Machine
Module #3: Max Commissions
Module #4: Business Wizard
Module #5: Instant Traffic Triggers

The emphasis behind breaking down the product into these five steps has to do with ensuring a person is able to pinpoint what is required to progress. Slamming down heaps of information in one shot might save time, but it does not provide the amount of time for a student to learn on their own. This is why Jimmy Kim has divided the program in this neat and detailed manner.

The first module aims to understand the real value in a list. Why should a person be looking to build a list of hungry buyers? Why is there money in the list and what is required to get going towards success in email marketing? It is important to answer these questions to ensure a student understands what is at the end of the rainbow, if they work hard and follow the product to a tee. This module is about setting the foundation for what is ahead.

The second module, “The Profit Machine” moves onto the auto responder, which is the hub of all email marketing activity. This is where the subscribers and their email addresses are going to be held along with the series of emails that are going to be sent to the list. Everything is done with the auto responder and therefore a separate video on this was key. The video in the product emphasizes the use of Sendlane.

The third module, “Max Commissions” begins to move towards the heart of the product and that would be earning money. Jimmy Kim points towards tactics to locate products, which are going to provide the highest commissions rather than dealing with commissions of 30-50% as most do. He wants you to target those 100% commissions that are out and about.

The Fourth module, “Business Wizard” starts to drill down the core aspects of the product with focus going on grabbing those key leads that are going to convert when the offer is sent to them. A landing page is necessary to guide all traffic coming into a site to ensure they sign up and become a part of the list that is being built. The product teaches you how to build the landing page, what to put on it, and how to drive in the traffic so they do sign up.

The final module, “Instant Traffic Triggers” points to the key tips and tricks needed to drive in traffic that is going to convert. It is one thing to have the right set up in place, but without traffic coming in, the set up is utterly useless. This is drilled down in the product and is repeated often to ensure everyone realizes the value of this module.

What are some of the key positives with this product? It is one of the simplest products with regards to how it has been laid out. There is no need to sift through hundreds upon hundreds of pages without finding anything of substance. In fact, the way the videos have been recorded and laid out ensures you are going to be able to get going the same day you buy the product. It is truly that simple.

The videos are fascinating and highly effective as they are truly ‘over the shoulder’ with regards to how they have been filmed. You are able to see the ins and outs of setting up a quality system to bring in leads and then convert them with sales.

What is the biggest concern for anyone that is going to be dealing with a product of this nature? It always comes down to support. Is there support with this product or do they leave you on your own to fend for yourself? No, they will not be leaving you on your own as this is where the ‘power calls’ come into play. They are going to check up on your every day to ensure you are on the right track to success.

Another positive is the upsells that come along with the product. Now, they aren’t necessary and most can get by with just the main course, however they do help. The two upsells are “Copy and Paste Profits” and “BML Elite”.

Copy Paste and Profits is a look into a $25,000 case study that was completed by Jimmy Kim to highlight how he was able to earn money from his own product. He enables you to copy and past exactly what he did to begin down the path of success that he has laid out for everyone.

BML Elite is the other upsell and focuses on giving additional support to those who pay for it. This means, you are able to go right to the top of the queue when it comes to questions that might be asked. It saves time as more and more people will purchase the product. While, everyone receives support, this might help out those who always want a helping hand by their side.

Are there any negative associated with the product? The only negative would be the amount of hard work that is required. Just like anything in Internet marketing, those who are willing to put in the hard yards and follow the system to a tee are the ones who are going to find success. Those who are looking for a quick fix are not going to find success anywhere, not even with this product.

Yes, there is a lot of money to be made with the help of this product, but only for those who are patient and willing to read through it. Once the work has been put in, this could easily lead to passive money coming in as time goes on.
The Verdict:

Is this product worth it? Yes, it is one of those solutions which is going to go a long way with regards to help you with email marketing. There are numerous challenges, which arise when building a list and this should assure those hurdles are minimized.

It is comprehensive and simple to follow, while having the quality support of professionals who have ‘been there and done that’ at the same time. Jimmy Kim and his years of experience shines through with this product and it is a must for those who want to get things right the first time around.

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Should you send just text or include graphics? What is the most effective layout? How do I go about building an opt-in list? When creating an email marketing campaign, there are so many different things you need to consider that it can be difficult to know where to begin. In this article we will provide you with some useful tips and strategies to help you get your campaigns off to a good start.

During the holidays, keep your traditional email marketing activities to a minimum. At this time of year, customers are preoccupied with their friends and family, and won’t be paying as much attention to your business emails. There is a much higher chance that your emails will wind up in the spam folder, which could effect your bottom line long term. One major exception would of course be a business that is related directly to the holidays. Otherwise, take some time off and enjoy the downtime. In a few days, business will pick up again.

Your emails should be written in such a way that they sound personal. Like with any kind of marketing effort, it is more likely that a customer will commit to a business transaction with your business after a personal relationship is established. It can be very beneficial to determine the reasons why they opt in, so that this information can be used in your emails.

Offer an incentive to people so that they will want to opt-in to your email list and give you permission to send them email marketing messages. You can offer a coupon or discount on a service or product of yours. Include a newsletter or white paper about your market or niche. Provide your prospects with something valuable in exchange for being able to access their in boxes.

The easier you make it to subscribe to your newsletter, the bigger your list of subscribers will be. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, when customers make a purchase, ask for their email address. If you make sales from your website, ask customers for their email address as they are checking out.

Each reader should be treated like a relationship. In your first email to a reader, ask for permission to send additional emails. In your second email, let them know about the services, products and discounts they can expect to hear about in future emails from you. In your third and later emails, follow through with valuable content that you’ve promised to furnish them with.

Keep everything consistent. The same colors and logo should be used on all your emails. You should choose a font that is clear for everyone to see. After you’ve sent a couple of messages, subscribers will recognize your emails in their in boxes and still start to pay more attention to them. One important method for boosting your business reputation is branding.

You want individuals interested in receiving your emails to double opt-in. That helps ensure that readers are truly interested in getting emails from you. It also helps to prevent your business emails being seen as spam.

Create content that is informative and interesting to your customers. Send engaging messages, not ones filled with boring and dry content. Your subscribers are much more likely to read the entire email if it isn’t too long. Your reputation will start to grow when they see they you send relevant content to them.

Make it easy for people to unsubscribe to your list. The unsubscribe link should be clearly visible in the email, which will allow somebody to stop receiving your emails. If you do this, it is much less likely that you will be reported for emailing spam. Also, if somebody has unsubscribed, make sure you don’t continue sending them emails. They are likely to complain if you do this.

Always be sure there is a concise and clear way for customers to opt out of getting your emails at all times. The reason they signed up for you list was to receive more information from you. If they want to stop getting this information at any time, it shouldn’t be hard for them to opt out.

Try to strike a balance with how many emails you send. If you send them too often, they might appear to be spam and you could lose readers this way. If you don’t email often enough, subscribers might feel like it was a waste of time to sign up to get emails from you. Keep your audience and goals in mind, so that you can strike a balance when it comes to the frequency of your email marketing messages.

Extra graphics and similar things are often blocked by filters and can’t damage your campaigns. However, you do want to include your company logo so that your emails are professional, familiar and consistent when you are communicating with prospective customers. Not doing this can really be detrimental to your email marketing campaigns.

Compile a highly targeted email list. The best way to go about this is getting your best customers to add their contacts and friends to your company mailing list. Emphasize that the list is exclusive by letting people know it is for those who are really devoted to your subject. That will help you cultivate an authoritative voice and also help you develop a list that is very focused.

Before sending any emails, get permission from people first. Don’t ever send any emails to individuals without their permission. Unsolicited emails are often considered to be spam. The last thing you want to do is annoy people. Get permission first so that you don’t turn off any prospective customers.

Now that we’ve answered many of your questions, take the knowledge that you have learned here and start implementing it and create successful email marketing campaigns. If you still have questions, just keep learning as much as you can by reading forums, blogs and articles. Never stop learning. It will be worth it over the long run.

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