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medallionapp-reviewBinary options are regarded as one of the most lucrative methods for earning money in the world. Yet, there are numerous traders who refuse to understand the nuances of this method and, therefore, continue to falter. Binary options involve the trading of established stocks based on price ‘fluctuations’ (i.e. whether it rises or decreases in value) at a certain deadline. If the trader lists the right outcome, they earn a set amount of money. It is a simple process, which can become complicated in a hurry. This is where a solution such as the Medallionaire App comes into play. Created by a well-recognized name in the form of James Simons, this is an app built for those who want perfection. Does it truly work, though? This review will list the pros and cons to make the decision easier for prospective buyers.

Created By A Recognized Firm

Let’s begin with Medallionaire App as a company. It is headed by James Simons who has been doing this for decades and recognizes the value of perfection.


With a net revenue of over $940 million, these individuals know how to make money and recognize the ins and outs of binary options.

There are numerous wall street veterans on the team as well who have headed this project. Therefore, it all starts to pan out in front of one’s eyes as to why this is catching on in the market.

Substantial Quantitative Algorithms

medallion-app-Quantitative-AlgorithmsWith years of experience in the world of binary options, the mandatory requirement of having a quantitive algorithm in place was a must for Simons. He wanted to ensure the algorithm was consistent and able to help people earn money around the clock. This is why the product was released after a lot of editorial work took place.

The algorithm is now flawless. It works perfectly from top to bottom.

The user interface is not complicated and the algorithms are able to do work in the background while yielding positive results.

Simple To Use (Automated)

Setting trades up is one of the most difficult tasks with software options. It never tends to work as one had hoped. Is that how it is going to be with this app? Does it not provide more value?

The set up is truly easy and you are not even going to get frustrated along the way. This is one of those things that is going to stand out as soon as you start using it. The seamless integration of varying markets is truly unique.

Quick Results

medallionapp-softwareNo one wants to wait around for the results to come by and it is as simple as this. The software is tremendous because the time it takes to money is nothing at all. You won’t even have time to mull over the trades that have been made before you start earning money.

Yes, it is that quick and truly that easy!

A major plus point with regards to what this software is able to bring to the table for a trader. You will fall in love with it for the speed alone and the overall consistency being brought forward.

Fantastic Customer Service

Imaging paying for something and then not knowing what to do. Who are you going to call in such a situation? You are going to call the developers.

What if they don’t pick up and/or don’t care about you? What if all they cared about was your money? Not a nice situation to be in right?

Well, this is one of the best developing teams in this regard. They understand clients are not just going to want to purchase the software and call it a day. They are going to want upgrades and/or assistance along the way and that is why this team wins. They have nailed it down with regards to what is needed to develop a positive relationship.

Reasonable Claims

proof_medallionappIt is one thing to make claims and then to make unreasonable ones. In this case, the company has made sure proper value is being brought in and those who are going to be using the app make the most of it. The reason this app is wonderful has to do with the reasonable claims it is making.

On the website, it states a person is able to make $1100 a day and that is indeed close to what a person could make.

Despite being a $900+ million company, they are not exorbitant with their claims and that is more than fair. The algorithm works, but it is not a magic pill and they never claim for it to be.

Requires Commitment

There are some software options on the market which claim to do a lot and then fail. This app is not one of them and there is a reason for this. It has to do with the necessity of commitment on the part of a trader. Those who are not committed to setting up trades properly and making sure the software is being used properly will fail.

It is as simple as this.

It is essential to sit down and focus on being committed and having the mindset to trudge forward when things are not as consistent as they should be. This solution works for those who are willing to put in the time and effort. Those who are not will hate it and that is how binary options work.

Concluding Opinion

James Simons has done an intriguing job with this product and it shows. The Medallionaire App is one of those perfect fits that is a must for any binary options trader. Why go down a route where the results are not going to come as needed? Is that truly worth it?

Most would suggest no it is not and that is why it is pertinent to sit down and focus on what works and what does not.

In this regard, the solution is a no-brainer and it is a must-buy for anyone that wants assistance along the way.


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