Million Dollar Business Secrets Review


T. Harv Eker’s Million Dollar Business Secrets Review

  • Product Name: Million Dollar Business Secrets
  • Program Creator: T. Harv Eker
  • Price: The full price is $997 although as of this writing the program is on sale for $249 – check for the most recent pricing
  • Final Verdit?: Read on to find out!

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Many people have the idea of running their own business, of becoming independently wealthy, of being able to get the life of their dreams. However far more people successfully imagine their dream business than actually realize this. So many people should be doing so much better than they are. Hard work isn’t the main issue: many business owners struggling are willing to put in 10, 12, or even 16 hours a day to keep trying to grow their business, so why are they struggling?

Million Dollar Business Secrets aims to help business owners (or entrepreneurs who are about to start their own business) on two main levels: #1 is to learn the skills, attitudes, and secrets needed to build a business into a successful and thriving enterprise and not just a self-employed job. There’s a big difference between a real business and one that is just another version of a remote location job.

The second goal is to make sure new business owners avoid the common mistakes that over 90% of business owners make. While many individuals can learn to run a business well over time, it’s possible to have a business make money for decades but still make a few basic mistakes that prevents an average business from becoming good, or a good business from becoming great.

So the big question is: Does Million Dollar Business Secrets deliver on its promises?

So Who Is T. Harv Eker?

Harv_EkerT. Harv Eker is the creator of the Million Dollar Business Secrets training program. Although he has created multiple million dollar plus businesses, Eker is not what you would refer to as an overnight success. He is completely open about the fact that he got to where he is today through failure – and a lot of it. He launched 14 businesses that failed in 12 years – so failing more than once a year, until the lessons learned clicked and business #15 became his first multi-million dollar business.
Even then, he’ll openly share it took three years to become a millionaire, but that rapidly growing business taught him how to get there, how to replicate his success in other fields, and how to help others achieve the same success. The openness with the fact this is not one of those so-called “overnight millionaire solutions” gives much more credence to the fact that he is the real deal and not just some made up persona for a sales page.

Aside from making the jump from broke to millionaire in just under 3 years, Eker went on to create a personal success training company that rapidly became one of the largest in the world, which he also sold. Aside from already helping over one million students internationally, he also has grossed over $400 million in gross revenue – which shows just how far he’s come from that first million. Even more encouraging is the fact that so much experience comes from that success training – meaning he knows how to reach students, how to teach his methods, and how to translate them in a way that gets the job done.

Introducing Million Dollar Business Secrets
This is a four module program designed by creator T. Harv Eker himself, and those four modules contain over 40 videos that help tackle every important part of creating, managing, and growing a business so you can actually be a business owner and not just someone creating a self-employed version of a high hour and high stress job.

There are many different places that even hard working business owners can go wrong, and this program offers a wide array of training to address each one. So whether you are a great manager who can manage people but isn’t good with systems, this training offers value. If you’re great and working hard but not at being efficient, this training offers value. If you’re completely new and don’t know the ins and outs of running a business at all then you are definitely going to profit from this training and what it has to offer.

Just a few highlights include:

  • Learning to identify star players during the interview and how to hire & motivate them
  • Learning to create systems and why this step can NEVER be ignored in building a business
  • Easy steps to reduce work without reducing profits
  • Simple steps most businesses miss to cut expenses 50% or even more
  • Tackling the critical task of pricing
  • Locating your most profitable customers and duplicating them
  • Increasing your take home pay without hurting the company
  • How to make more money morally & ethically
  • Avoiding the most common mistakes even veteran business owners make

For most business owners even one or two of those training videos can make all the difference, and all of this information is contained in the modules in this program.

Module #1: Guerrilla Wealth Tactics

There is a slight yet critical mindset that separates business owners who are making themselves wealthy from those who work equally hard (or often even much harder) but fail to get the same results. Being able to master this difference and create the right approach to wealth is critical if you want to end up in the self-made millionaire class as opposed to working endless hours and wondering why you can’t get ahead.

This module is all about the critical differences between great businesses and those that struggle. Having the right mindset versus the wrong one. Focusing on the few things that truly matter versus the minor details that really don’t affect the bottom line. Understanding what gets businesses in trouble and how to avoid that pitfall while simultaneously learning the easiest way to scale up your profits.

This information is what is covered in module one.

Just a few of the main points include:

  • The 3 financial intentions wealthy business owners always have in common
  • The most common ways business owners (unknowingly) sabotage themselves
  • 4 critical focus points to become wealthy from self-employment
  • The fastest ways to increase growth and profits
  • The best products or services to quickly push your business forward
  • 7 specific ways of getting capital when you’re short on it

These are just a few of multiple points covered in the training.

Module #2: Negotiations: The Secrets to Becoming a Master Negotiator

No matter what business you’re in there is one truth that will stand out above all others: the best negotiators make the most money and get the best deals. This is true in every industry, but what does that mean for you if you don’t have any experience negotiating deals or you’re not a big fan? It means this module could be a life saver for your business.

The truth is that most business owners fall prey to the same myths about negotiation and so end up on the losing side over and over again or settling for less than they could have received. The same common mistakes tend to sink mediocre or even average negotiators again and again, and by understanding how to shift the focus, how to build quick affinity, and how to switch between negotiation styles, you will quickly find yourself getting paid far more for the same or less work and have clients who are even happier than before. It sounds contradictory, but this happens again and again.

Just a few major points covered include:
– Busting the 2 largest negotiation myths that keep you from better deals
– Creating quick likability and affinity & why every master negotiator does this
– Different negotiation strategies and learning how to shift based on who you’re negotiating with
– 5 proven strategies for getting more favorable terms on any deal
– The top thing most businesses look at when negotiating and why you will succeed when you refuse to do the same!

Module #3: The Ultimate Marketing Strategy Guide

Anyone who has been in business for any amount of time understands that marketing is critical to achieving success of any kind. If you’re good at everything else but not good at marketing, fair or not, you will struggle. The founder of this program has a long string of early failed businesses that help prove that point.

This module really dives into helping anyone learn how to market their business better whether it’s using online methods, traditional advertising, or a blending of the two. This module alone is worth the full price if you’re not 100% confident in your current marketing efforts (or if you are yet aren’t seeing the results you want).

Just a few of the highlights include:

  • 4 key points to develop your most effective marketing strategy
  • Understanding what wealthy business owners look for when targeting an audience
  • Ways to stand out in your industry and niches you want to avoid
  • The most powerful cost-effective advertising methods
  • The top asset you can build for a successful business, especially if you want to sell it later
  • The details you can’t afford to mess up, ever!

Module #4: Generating Million Dollar Ideas Every Single Minute

Yes, the title on this one sounds too good to be true: how the heck do you literally come up with million dollar business ideas every sixty seconds? Thinking big is a skill that can be learned and even more importantly, understanding the difference between vague dreams and specific ideas that you can build a plan towards.

Just a few of the highlights of this module include:

  • A 5-word formula that is your secret key to making millions
  • How to find dozens of great business opportunities hiding in plain sight
  • Making money while minimizing risk
  • Getting into businesses that are already successful and booming
  • Creating more revenue from an existing business model
  • The right behavior to uncover more opportunities – and more!

The Customary Bonuses Are Anything But Ordinary
There are three bonus gifts that are currently offered with this program, and just like the modules they focus on specific, simple, and effective ways to help you get the wealth you want from your business instead of long soul-crushing days as the hours are whittled away one after another chasing your tail.

The three bonuses are:
– A 90 minute mentoring call with Harv
– Mindset card and screensaver
– Professionally designed workbook to supplement the video training

The mindset card and screensaver make sure you set your work area with the right mentality, while the professional workbook helps you go even further with the training: taking notes, highlighting the points that really hit you, and adding in some rote memorization to help take these strategies and make them your own. The mentoring call with Harv isn’t just “self-improvement fluff,” either. He believes in tough love, in locating where you are succeeding and where you are failing, and really powering through to give you what you need to hit that next level.

So What’s the Final Verdict?

There are so many junk programs out there that promise the sky and then deliver absolute crap, or general re-hashed nonsense that doesn’t teach anything that you can actually apply. This is why the Million Dollar Business Secrets review was so refreshing to write: because this program completely backs up what it is offering with specific actionable information. This is a definite 100% recommend and can help the brand new business owner just as much as the long-time business owner who knows there has to be a way to do better.




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