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Everyone with a website has a mutual problem and this problem is rooted in reaching high search engine rankings. In the good old days it was only matter of keyword stuffing, but now the rules have changed. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get ahead of other sites, not to mention ranking on the first page.

Luckily there are tools to help with this problem. One of these tools will be the subject of this review and it’s called Page One Engine. It was developed by Dori Friend, a master in the field of SEO and now she has made her knowledge available to other webmasters. This review will look at why it’s a good program and why you should consider trying it.

The Benefits

One of the prominent benefits has to be the access to some very powerful tools and software. They even allow you to start business that is based on affiliate marketing, list building, reputation management and much more.

The second benefit is the fact that you can earn an income from multiple sources, including your own website. Frankly, you will get more than just a few tips on how to get better with SEO. The program will give you in-depth information that you won’t find anywhere else.

Last but not least, it doesn’t matter if you are experienced in the field of SEO or if you are just starting out. It can benefit anybody regardless of their skill.

However, if you are still on the fence whether it will work for you then consider the 100% money-back guarantee.

What Does The Program Entail

– Training: This is the essential part of the package, because it consists of more than 100 hours of training. The guide has been simplified that anybody can understand it. You can also expect step by step guidance on how to use this information. It starts at the basics and works towards more advanced applications.

– Central Link Control: That’s right. All the links you create with Page One Engine can be managed from a single dashboard through the most unique tools on the market.

– Link Network Support: While you are busy creating your websites you will have access to hundreds of other sites that can provide the necessary support to rank higher.

– Weekly Webinars: You are at liberty to interact with the experts of SEO who form part of the Page One program. For 12 weeks there will be webinars that are hosted by specialists where they also give step by step guidance and advice.

– Quick Profit: This is one of the most enticing reasons why people are going to try this system, because it is designed to start generating profits within the first 14 days. This has been tested and proven.

– Community: You’ll become part of the Page One community, which is where other participants and mentors help each other out. You can ask questions, share experiences and even give some advice if you can.

– 90 Day VIP: From the moment you sign up you’ll have three months of full excess to the top people in the program. In other words, your support will come from people that are currently making the internet a gold mine.

The Bonus Items

You’d think that all these things would be more than enough, but Dori has added a couple of bonus tools and materials. For example, you’ll receive access to Dori’s Automated Links network and get 500 guaranteed links. These are incredibly effective in order to reach higher rankings quicker.

There are 9 bonuses currently linked with the system and combined they would cost more than $50 000. But if you get the Page One program then they are free for your use.

The Business Model

As mentioned before, you will learn all the valuable tips and tricks to reach higher ranks, but this is also where the business model of the program comes in. SEO has become quite the commodity online and now it’s being sold as a product.

Once you know everything there is to SEO you can start selling your skills to other companies. There are thousands of sites and companies that are trying to break the barrier while you will be holding the answer.

The Final Verdict

Thanks to the money-back guarantee there isn’t much risk in trying the program. You will lose a little time, but in the end it’s worth it. Whether you are simply looking for a way to fast-track your sites to the top or if you want to start selling your newly found skills, the choice is yours.

If you really want to make some profit then you can use the program to promote your own products while you provide a service to third party clients. Overall this program is definitely worth a look.

Warning: Dori Friend will close the doors on July 9. This is a huge opportunity. Don’t Miss It!


Page 1 Engine Instant Access



About Dori Friend – In-Depth info:


Who Is Dori Friend?

Sometimes called “The Queen of SEO,” Dori Friend has built a well-deserved reputation as one of the top specialists in the ever-changing field of search engine optimization (SEO). While it would be easy to rest on her laurels after earning this reputation, Dori continues to dedicate herself to what she loves most: helping other individuals and entrepreneurs meet their full potential.

Dori started out her career with an esteemed position at Apple Computers, and she’s tasted success while rising through the ranks. She was involved in a wide variety of major projects for Apple Computer and helped spearhead many different major projects that helped lead to the modern Mac operating system.

While this would be a dream job for most people, Dori realized two things very quickly:

  • There was only so much to accomplish because you can’t scale for more time – there’s only 24 hours in a day
  • Once Steve Jobs came back and started axing departments around her, she knew it was time to move ahead and prepare before it happened to her, as well

This foresight is an important skill, and one that helped Dori realize very early on just how important search engine optimization (SEO) would be.

An Important Time
doriAround 2000 Dori rode her bicycle across the United States, and during that same time she read a book that had a major impact on how she viewed the next part of her life. “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” gave her a new vision of where she wanted life to go, and it wasn’t chained to a permanent 9 to 5 job.

She understood that this meant blazing her own trail to fully empower herself to be everything she could be and to be happy. Getting rid of the steady paycheck was hard – like giving up a drug addiction, but she knew there were many other ways to make money and that these independent directions were more likely to get her where she wanted to be in life.



Discovering the World of SEO
How-will-SEO-help-your-businessDori quickly saw how important the world of SEO was and using her skills with technology and reverse engineering she quickly figured out how Google ranked websites and used that knowledge to help clients rank highly and make millions. In fact, she was so good at her job that Google hired a wide number of PhDs to keep changing the early algorithms in a way that would counter those SEO techniques.

In fact at one point she was so effective Google just went after any website Dori directly owned and wiped out over a million dollars a year worth of business. However, instead of taking this punch as time to move on, Dori kept going and realized that event became a blessing in disguise.

Still Helping Others
Dori’s now famous Page One Engine platform continues to teach others what she has learned and helps them to, even more importantly, think at a higher level and learn the thought processes that allow people to adapt no matter what surface changes are made.

Dori’s personal mission statement is all about empowering other people to not only accept others, but to also love and accept themselves. Her newest book, “Where the Big Dogs Roam,” further helps to teach people everything that she has learned and brings decades of knowledge and experience down into one solid book.

Learn from Her Most Important Lesson
Dori wants to help others understand that more than ever there are many different ways to build a business online, to offer services, and to make a living without having to dive into the restraining world of the cubicle job.

Dori can still be found speaking, writing, and helping others to achieve their personal and professional success.

Don’t miss her free book by clicking the download button below it will be online for a limited time:

In the book, Dori shows you step by step models that will shock you.
  • Find Profitable Online Niches
  • Convert FREE TRAFFIC into multiple businesses!
  • Hit your first $10k with 4 hours of work!








Here are some tips To Improve Your Website’s Visibility.

Have your built a website recently but can’t figure out why traffic isn’t flooding in? You might be searching for that elusive “X” factor that will draw in visitors to your website. However, read the following tips before paying for a so-called magic solution.

To ensure that your pages rank highly, you need to choose the right keywords to optimize. Make sure the keywords you choose are closely related to your service or product, and also ensure that the terms you use are ones that people really search for on a frequent basis.

Search engine optimizations services are offered by many companies. However, to find one suitable for your business, it is necessary to conduct some research first. Get in touch with the company so that you can ask questions regarding potential risks that may be involved, strategies employed and information on their experience. Then do some further research on your own on the business. Find out whatever information you can about the business online and check with the Better Business Bureau as well.

If you are searching for more visibility for your website, one thing you should do is submit your site to blog directories. Whenever you add your site to blog directories related to your products, inbound links are created. Over the long run, this will provide your site with more targeted traffic.

Be sure not to use too large of text on your site. Usually large text will take away from your site’s appearance and will look amateurish. Try to stay with size 12 font that’s easy to read and is clear. This will help you gain satisfied customers.

Another thing that will increase the traffic to your website is having a relevant and appropriate title. How keywords are placed in your title can have a big impact on how a search engine ranks your website. The title of your page should include some keywords from your website to increase your search engine rankings.

Use meta tags as well. One big mistake that many website owners make is failing to fill out the descriptive tags. It is one way your site is found by the search engines, which enables readers to find your website. Although these tags might not be on top of your priority list, they definitely play an important role in attracting visitors.

While your site might be good, there is no such thing as a perfect website. Once you accept this, you can then decide what parts of your website you should work on next. Improving your business in different ways is a good way of obtaining additional traffic.

Your rankings won’t be hurt by pay-per-click advertisements unless you link directly to spam sites. In general, crawlers don’t read the ads on your page, so having certain ads won’t harm or add to your chances of getting higher rankings. Keep in mind that your customers might not like ads on your site, so be sure to always provide full disclosure.

Link your website to similar sites if you’d like to move up in the search engine results pages. When it comes to ranking websites, search engines prefer sites connected to other websites and will give those sites preference. You can easily accomplish this and see significant results that will make it all worthwhile.

Your location should be incorporated into some of your site’s text phrases. Key phrases like the services you provide or your company’s name can be combined quite easily with your location. That’s a great way of helping your website become one of the search results when somebody is searching for your specific location.

If you have consolidated pages on your website recently, you should update the site map on your website immediately to reflect these changes. This will help to ensure that your website’s relevancy score is determined by the search engines based on outdated information. Your site will be in danger of losing very valuable traffic if you don’t do this.

Now you can see why snake oil and magic beans should be avoided. The above tips have just shown you that earning better overall rankings and higher page placements is about catering to the search engines and your market. Magic isn’t necessary. Just use the above tips instead.

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  1. Hi Katie! I was on the webinar with Dori a few days ago and I missed the launch date, can you please tell me when Dori is going to release Page One Engine?

    • Hi Tim!
      Dori has changed the launch date a few times but I believe the day that cart will open to the general public will be on June 30th at least this is the final date that Dori has fixed for the launch.

  2. When are you planning of releasing a review about page one engine? I have bought different dori friend’s services before and I am very enthusiast abut this one but this time I would like to see what early adopters are thinking about it.

    • Hey Jamie I am planning of getting an early bird copy of POE before it is launched to the general public so you can expect the review to be published here on this page during the prelaunch period which is between june 23rd and june 30

    • POE is a high ticket product and will sell for $1,997 on June 30th. Anyway you should not be put off by the price because this product is going to have a tremendous value and its going to pay for itself tenfold. I personally have bought different expensive products from Dory Friend before and they have helped me a lot. The first product I have bought was called SEO LINK VINE and was priced $499 a month, it was basically a network of high authority blogs where I could post article with links to rank my sites. A similar service is included with Page-One-Engine along with a lot of other software and training to help you achieve success with seo easily.

      Another service I bought from Dori was The Seo Rockstar 2014 Recordings, the product also a high ticket one offered the recordings of the underground SEO Rockstar event That Dori and other Experts in online business held in 2014. On the Event they shared the latest secrets of Online Marketing from content creation to local marketing to Seo and link building. The techniques I learned from this one help me to this day to rank my sites successful.

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