Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review




Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is a whole business model developed by Anik Singal. It is an internet marketing program designed for beginners, with step by step lessons on how email subscriptions can be used to build a successful online marketing business. Anik Singal is a reputable name in the internet-marketing niche, and you have probably come across the name if you are, or are trying to become an affiliate marketer. He’s the guy behind some of the popular products in both personal development and IM.

This is one of Anik’s many products, which teaches the learners the procedural techniques of how to establish email subscribers list. The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Program assumes that each email address of a subscriber is equivalent to a dollar, and that indicates a potential income. It incorporates written lessons and video tutorials when teaching the learner.

Background Info About the Face Behind Inbox Blueprint 2.0

anik-singalAnik Singal is an online marketer, who has been in the field for over 10 years. He is also the author of the book, ‘The Circle of Profit’ and is the face behind an internet marketing training course. He has made a great fortune through email marketing and has trained over 100,000 students online. Anik is said to come from a very humble background before establishing his online entrepreneurship empire, a Fortune 500 company that earned him a sizeable income through online sales. At some point of his career, Anik successfully overcame a $1.7 million debt menace through internet marketing, and even earned $12 million in 2005.

His popular success story has been featured on several T.V networks, including CNN, and has been mentioned in the top 3 young entrepreneurs by Inc. 500 twice, and by the Business Weeks. Many of his successful online marketing ventures can be linked to his comprehensive training initiatives as well as his generous help to people. He has already helped out a lot of normal people to attain a steady flow of income from email marketing endeavors, especially through his first version of the program – Inbox Blueprint 1.0.

What Exactly is Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

It is a simple to follow training course, which is developed specifically for beginners who want to start or improve their chances to succeed in internet marketing. The program talks about how you can tap the power of email marketing to achieve the best results while making money online by just emailing people. According to Anik Singal, when he created the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 program, he kept in mind that in this context, money is in the list.

In fact, most of the successful internet marketers achieve their successes through their email lists. This can at least give you some guarantee that you will achieve your desired results with his program. The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 features proven procedures that are aimed at building a successful internet marketing business from scratch.

What is the Price?

The initial investment starts at $1,497, which can be paid in 3 separate payments.

The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Package: The 8 Steps

1. Addiction Meter
The first step among the modules is the addiction meter. It essentially introduces the student to a few recommendations about the niche they can choose for success in Email marketing. This offers them options for choosing a suitable niche, as not all the niches can be ideal for email marketing.

To build an online business without having an email subscription list will need an initial capital investment. It becomes quite detrimental for the investor to target the niches where the products are not needed by the market. In this case, the most ideal niches are the ones where the product has a high demand. The addiction meter essentially guides the learner on several websites that are great resources to select the products relevant to the particular niche, and the different ways of making money on the internet.

2. The Bait
This step shows the learner how they can build an opt-in page, collect data from the email subscribers, various design techniques, as well as the valuable info they can share with the email subscribers. Here’s what is covered:

  • What’s an opt-in page?
  • Designing an opt-in page
  • Data that should be collected
  • Difference between single and double opt-ins
  • Wording in your opt-in pages for best results

3. TYP Method
This step talks about how to go about designing the marketers’ “Thank you pages” to be displayed when potential buyers subscribe to their emails. It emphasizes on the strategies that can be used with the ‘Thank You pages’ and how the Clickbank Thank you page is acquired. You will learn:

  • What’s the best technique to use in thank you pages
  • How you can apply for the Clickbank thank you page

4. Email Machine
The automatic responder service is the major topic under this step. The email machine will promptly respond to the subscribers on the email list. One of its major benefits is letting the marketer set daily automatic emails to ad-hoc or subscriber emails. However, the automatic responder service have recurring costs on the marketer. You will learn:

  • Introduction to autoresponders
  • Aweber
  • Getting response
  • Tracking your clicks
  • Icontact

5. Email List Relationship
The fifth step focusses more on the establishment of a good working relationship between the internet marketer and the email subscriber. The relationship should be grounded on and build trust, as well as promote a service that is valuable to the subscribers.

  • 3 rules you should follow and how you should plan your strategy
  • Building a relationship with your subscribers
  • How to write great sales oriented emails
  • How to write emails when announcing launces of big products
  • How to offer valuable content to your subscribers

6. Payday Secrets
Under this step, the learner is taught how to transform the email subscription list to money. It essentially shows the many different ways they can create a genuine product in their niche, how to increase their earnings, as well as how they can use other affiliate marketing programs to promote their income.

  • Building relationships and monetizing your list
  • Creating and offering your own product in the market

7. Easy Traffic
This segment focusses on how to generate organic traffic for the marketers’ opt-in page, with the use of time forums, paid advertising, guest blogging, free advertising, social media sites, Yahoo answers, forums, and comments on the relevant blogs.

8. Unlimited Success
The final step of this training module shows the catch when it comes to sustaining an online business. It gives the learner the important metrics to keep a keen eye on, and making sure that the emails are delivered and read by the subscribers, boost deliverability of emails, increasing conversations with subscribers, as well as improve the email open rates.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Program?


  • The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 has a relatively good comprehensive training, with valuable information
  • Membership payment and the initial purchase usually has a 60-day money back guarantee, which comes in handy when the learner is not satisfied
  • The program offers well designed opt-in pages, which have a better chance of yielding more subscriptions to the page
  • The videos and webinars used in training enhance the easy understanding of the course
  • Due to the use of swipe files, power words, and subject lines, less effort is needed to write effective emails


  • The article directories in modern learning settings can prove to be quite ineffective
  • The initial investment could be too costly or a bit overpriced for most people who want to venture into online businesses
  • Training may be quite overwhelming and complex especially for beginners and those with zero knowledge about internet marketing
  • The program encourage the learners to use the Private Label Right (PLR) content, which could just be a direct infringement on the Google’s ranking rules
  • Some modules do not cover the detailed information comprehensively on email and internet marketing

Final Word

One of the best ways you can build your online business and reap good rewards doing so is through building an email subscription list. However, just like any other business, it is definitely going to take time, and it may not be as easy as Anik Singal puts it out. You should build your business step by step. Although Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is easily recommendable, it’s worth noting that this program is strictly not for a beginner. It’s geared towards people who have a few years’ experience in internet marketing, and have at least made profit in this field, and are looking to grow their knowledge on email marketing.


 Anik Singal  – Biography


Digital publishing is an intriguing industry and one that has rampantly grown in recent years. Anik Singal has found himself in the middle of this growth and like any quality entrepreneur, he tapped into this market to maximize his business.

He has also established himself as a wizard when it comes to digital marketing and affiliate marketing. His prowess in these fields is well celebrated across America and he has been able to garner significant attention due to his success.

Poise. Charisma. Sheer Hard Work.

These are things one can associate with Anik Singal and the value he has added over the years.

Lurn Inc. And VSS Mind

It all began with a goal in mind of helping others and making sure a proper business was started. This is when he came up with “Affiliate Classroom”. This was a great company and one that did well right away after he graduated in 2005 from the University of Maryland.

He eventually renamed the company to “Lurn INC.” which is the name it goes by at this point in time.

He was also creative enough to come up with another company in the form of VSS Mind, which has done just as well over the years. He has looked to combine his experience in the world of digital publishing and affiliate marketing into something that was powerful enough to help others.

This information is valuable and is continually updated based on the systems he has constructed. He is always learning and this is what makes the businesses flourish. As he learns more and more about the industries he’s working in, the better his content and businesses get.

These were businesses that started with as little as $100 when he began, but then grew into multi-million dollar corporations in no time. It was all down to his determination to prove others wrong and show there is an industry to tap into.

$20 Million In Sales Per Year

How well have his businesses done in this day and age? They are growing every day and at this point are hitting resounding numbers of $20 million/year. These are numbers most businesses are never able to hit and he has done it in a few short years.

This success is now started to double and triple because of the value being given to members who are learning on a regular basis. This growth is something he has looked at focusing on for years, and it has started to reap rewards gradually.

Trained Over 250,000 Students


Anik Singal has always wanted to give back to those who want to learn and that is what he has done. He has been able to help over 250,000 students and counting with various courses. He has been able to pass on this information to those who are in the same position as he was while starting up.

This is high-quality information he has passed on and continues to help students with.

Not only has he helped students, he has been able to train them to a point where success has been seen. Great numbers have been done by these students as well.

Bright Young Mind

A bright young mind is of utmost importance for those who are looking to succeed, but it is not the only thing Anik Singal has used to push forward. He has always been determined and this equipped with a briht mind lead to tremendous success in a few years after graduation.

He was named among the top three entrepreneurs under 25 by Business Week for teh work he has done.

This is accreditation for the value he has provided the business world and what he has been able to do during his time in the digital publishing industry.



Anik Singal has also looked at publishing books of his own to illustrate what some of his theories are and how they were used to launch his businesses. He is a bright mind who has often thought ahead of his peers as can be seen with the industries he joined as they were taking off.

He has been able to become a high-grade author who has published three separate books.

These books were titled, “10 Website Traffic Tips”, “The Circle of Profit“, and “Passion to Profit”.

There are many more that have been lined up and released under his name because he is always looking to pass on information in relation to the field he works in. This is quality, modern information and he doesn’t hold back when teaching others about what he has used and continues to use.

This is the beauty of what he has to offer.



Anik Singal’s willingness to learn new things and continue to better himself has led to significant growth in his personal and professional life. He has been able to not only put together fascinating businesses despite having little to start with and has turned it into gold.

Staying along these lines of inspiration, Anik Singal also invested time in a movie called “Lethal Commission” and played the lead role in this movie. This was a way to demonstrate any dream can come true as long as one puts their mind to it.

There are many bright entrepreneurs around the world who claim to have the solution for one’s needs, but only a few who are carrying on the tradition of giving back. His charitable work is only an extension of some of the donations that have been made over the years.

Anik Singal is a person who is looking to not only improve himself, but those around him as well. He has been able to cultivate an atmosphere of success that has shown through every task he has pursued. His growth will continue as the businesses find additional success.

He often suggests the same amount of hard work goes into his business as was the case when he began. This is a sign of someone who understands success only stops for those who reduce their level of hard work.


Note: Below this line you will find the review for the inbox blueprint 1.0 that was released some time ago

Inbox Blueprint
is coming out this month on October 14th 2013. This product is created and developed by Anik Singal one of the biggest marketers in the online marketing world.

You can go to the official website by going at the link below:


What is InboxBlueprint?


This time Anik has created a coaching product that will teach everybody how to get a business online in just six days, to achieve this task he is going to take 5 random people have tried to make money online for at least 3 years and for all these years they have failed. He gets them to a room and works with them for 6 hours and within 6 hours they launch their business and the next morning when they come to check out the results are just amazing.

So in if you get the chance to be a member of this coaching program you will have opportunity to watch over Anik’s shoulder what exactly he teaches to these students that makes them successful in just 6 hours of work.

This is a product that not only teaches you how to build a business online but it also teaches you to do so by changing the world. Anik said that the product will not be online forever in fact the product will be online only for 25 days from October 14th to November 7th.

This is all I know so far about IB, as soon as the product launches I am going to buy the product myself and after going through all the video tutorials I will come up with my Unbiased IB Review.

I suggest you to bookmark this page if you want to hear a second opinion about this product. If you want to know more about Anik Singal the creator of Inbox-Blueprint just read below.

Is Anik Singal The Real Deal In Online Marketing Training?
Many people have been asking questions on the true worth and value of Anik Singal in the online market today. Anik Singal is among the first youngest multimillionaire’s to capture the hearts of many from the success in his business, at the age of 27. His main work involves internet marketing, as he majors purposely on educating and training Information Technology (IT) experts how to attain higher goals in their lives like he did. Many know him for his kind hearted nature of helping and enriching young entrepreneurs’ to find a financial breakthrough in their endeavors.

Factors that make Anik Extra special

Online tutor on SEO and affiliate marketing: Anik has been in the online platform for a long time, and has trained many entrepreneurs and SEO experts’ tips and tricks on how to effectively optimize a webpage for search engines and organic traffic to generate revenue. With the increasing needs for effective online marketing ideas and techniques, his accomplishments and understanding in the field has earned him his reputation online as many gurus look up on him through his PPC classroom. His strategy focuses on training people internet marketing the easy way, where he outlines a detailed procedure that can be used for long term results. This is unlike other manuals that preach results within a fortnight.

Advocate for multiple advertising campaigns: Anik’s success can be linked to his quest to achieve the most out of the internet at a tender age. He instills a mind of using multiple advertising platforms, creating emailing lists and using all available affiliate marketing techniques to generate leads. The online marketplace today is saturated with marketers who want a piece of their cake too, and a big one for that matter. He however advocates that, entrepreneurs should focus on using legible ideas and marketing ideas, as well as creativity to make the most out of webpages and sites. Having a website linked to AdSense is not enough to generate leads or income to your pages. Top pages in search engines may be effective but not enough if these pages do not provide enough information to entice one to come again and again. This thus calls for a concrete measure to optimize these pages, thus his affiliate and marketing ideas comes in hand.

Idealizes on creating a real business online Many entrepreneurs today search for faster ways to make money, thus only look for the tips and tricks of obtaining the same. Nonetheless, Anik points out on the bigger picture, which is a gradual growth in building a business empire in the internet world, which will generate revenue for you and other generations to come. Newbies in the internet marketing and entrepreneurial business can adopt his lessons in training marketers how to build these business empires so as to reap benefits on the long term.

When you look into Anik’s profile online, and relate it to his success, you will find out that he is a hard worker, who worked very hard on the initial stages of his business world to achieve what he has today. This is the same motivation and mind that one should have or emulate to succeed in business, and life.