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Unbiased Review: Profits Unlimited

It Is All About Profits


To be honest, I really hated the presentation video for Profits Unlimited and at many points in it I felt like my intelligence was being insulted. The language that was used felt like a 90s infomercial and in just 100 easy payments of $19.95 I would be rich. What made me stay to the end of the video and later to actually trying this product is because I have years of failure in the stock market, with Forex and with Binary Options under my belt. I know what it feels like when the market kicks your butt and takes all your lunch money. Like many people out there I was attracted to the market because it is supposedly where big money is made. Almost 15 years in, I’ve figured out some strategies that actually earn money and I was willing to see what Larry Landers had to offer. If anything my turbulent history in the market, all the hard work that I’ve done to become a profitable trader, and curiosity is what made me actually look deeper into this program.
Proof of Concept

I am more of a show me kind of person. Anyone can tell you how great they are at something or how wonderful their product is but the true test of this is actually experiencing how it works. What separates Profits Unlimited from other such black box investment and trading products is that they actually give you an account with $300 in it and they let you experience how the program actually works on a day to day basis and on a trade to trade basis. This is more than just talk, this is action and first hand experience.
Never Lose Again?

The idea of never losing a trade really bothered me because I know that no one is going to win every trade. The idea that their software could automatically back out of a trade when they felt it would be a loser also bothered me. I think it bothered me so much because I know that to get out of most positions that you still end up paying commission. I also wondered if this was just an always in the market reversal system. What finally made Profits Unlimited make sense to me is the fact that they are using Binary Options and not stocks, futures or Forex. With Binary Options it is possible to back out of trades without spending any money. I can actually think of a lot of ITM probability methods that would work with that idea so my interest was peaked a bit more.

How Is It Done?

The big question is how is it done. The video says that their software controls everything. So this is automatic trading that uses Binary Data as well as other asset movement data to make trades and to stop trades. You really do not have to do much. One thing that I worried a lot about is the fact that this would be a system that would either kill itself by the shear amount of people using it or that would be self-perpetuating and decreasing the profitability of each trade that software users entered. If the win rate is so high, then more people would use it and any edge would be loss. Profits Unlimited solves this issue by only allowing a small amount of people to buy into their program, this keeps the number of people using it down and the profits high. You never want to be doing what everyone in the market is doing.

Algorithmic Trading For Average People

This is algorithmic trading for the everyday person. It doesn’t require that you learn how to code, become a mathematician or become and Ivy school educated Wall Street wiz. A lot of discretionary traders have algorithmic traders because companies using this style of trading make a ton of money and make it hard for anyone who isn’t running an algorithmic system to make money. In this case, you have to join them vs struggle to beat them. Welcome to the zero sum game of trading where someone has to lose for you to win. In most cases it is the average guy without this kind of edge who loses.
Free To Try

It is free to try this software. We covered this in the proof of concept section but it is well worth repeating. You will be able to test out this software for free and with an account with $300 in it. This free trial will show you what the algorithm does, how it avoids loses by backing out of trades and how it finds winning trades. This first hand experience is worth the time because it will give you a clear and honest idea of how this all works and if it works at all.
Why It Really Works

It works because computers are faster than humans. It is like in other trading markets where computer trading has taken over the scalping and rebate trading that was once a specialty of discretionary order flow scalpers working for prop firms. Why use a human when a computer is faster, when a computer doesn’t make bad trades based on poor money management, emotions, a bad day or poor mental toughness? This works because computers do not have any of the frailties that humans have so they make the perfect trader.


Give this a try because you have absolutely nothing to lose. I think that the marketing is wonderful and the concept of actually letting people use $300 of the companies money to see how the system works is brilliant. It creates a win-win because after seeing how this works live anyone who is on a trial will want to become a member and purchase the rights to use this software. It answers all of their questions and disarms their doubts. I think that we should always be skeptical of these money making systems but this is one that actually proves that it works.



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