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  • Product Creator: Alex Mandossian & Steve Olsher
  • Product Name: Push Button Influence 
  • Official Website: PushButtonInfluence.com
  • Price: $1,997 Payment Plan Available 
  • Rating: 10/10

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Informative Push Button Influence Review

Influence is a foundational component for continued success. There are thousands of individuals and businesses that fail because they lack power and decent exposure.

It is easy to get lost among the masses and not be able to sell. It is also possible for the average person to outdo everyone else in a competitive niche and come out on top. It is all about being rigorous and pushing for the top. This is the difference between the “go-getters” and those who blame others.

One of the programs that have been picking up steam in recent months has been PBI “Push Button Influence” by Steve Olsher and Alex Mandossian. These two creative minds have put together an exciting program that is built to help individuals understand how to gain exposure for their brand or business.

Let’s see if this program holds up in this in-depth review.


Before doing anything else, you want to have a good look at the creators of the program. What is the history of this program and how it came about? Before “Push Button Influence”, these creators were working on their careers in establishing a name.

They have not come out of thin air nor are they pedaling a program that is a “quick fix”. They have launched successful businesses in the past, and that is what they have relied on to create this program. With Steve Olsher, you have an entrepreneur who has built several companies into million dollar successes.

He is the proud owner of liquor.com and has turned into a significant success.

What about Alex Mandossian? He is just as successful and has come up with some of the most outstanding Internet marketing products you will ever find on the open market. These are products that are impactful and can be used by people all over the world to succeed.

He has also been able to coach people towards millions of dollars using the methods that he teaches. All of this combined experience has been poured into “Push Button Influence” and that is important for someone who is paying money to get the program.

PBI – 10 Weeks And You Are Golden

The program is listed to take “10 weeks” before you are ready to go. So, you will have to put in the ten weeks to start seeing things happen. For most, it won’t take as long, but if you want to be meticulous about how you set it all up, you will want to go through the proper process.

They have established what you will have to do along the way, and that is helpful. You are not going to be left to figure it all on your own as other programs might make you.

They have detailed steps that have to be followed, and they break this information up into manageable portions (modules) for you to read through. This enables you to go through all of it and not get overwhelmed by what they might be telling you to do.

It is nice to see such an active division of information, especially in a training program. You can say these people know what they are doing.


How is the information in each module? Is it informative or are there holes that are visible within the information given to you? There are no holes, and that has to be established right away. They were comprehensive, and they have poured a lot of information into each module.

You can tell they didn’t just put this together over a weekend. It has taken them a while to collate the information and make it enjoyable.

It is as detailed as you would want it to be and there isn’t a point where it becomes cumbersome. It is “just right” as one would say when it comes to how detailed it gets. You will be able to read through it promptly so action can be taken.


There are eight modules, and you will notice how well-divided the information is. They will introduce what it means to get proper exposure and then will help you step towards reaching extraordinary heights in your industry. They will go the extra mile to do this, and that is impressive.

You will have all of this information given to you, and they will explain the variations in results that you will see.

It is always awful to see programs where they expect one result, and that is it. You cannot realistically expect the same results, and they showcase what can happen and how to respond when it does. This is the information that turns you into a success over time.

The way this information is divided cannot be overlooked.

Not Unreasonable With Expectations Or Claims

The expectations you are going to have going into the program will be high, and that is normal. If you are forking over money for the job, you want it to work out for you. This is why they will look to take your positive energy and hope to ignite the journey you have to endure.

You will not be told about the millions you can make because they know it takes time.

They are going to set it all up so you can gain exposure that will let you catalyze a successful campaign. This is the power of their information, and they know how to make it happen.

Simple To implement

The theories they are going to present will not be “over the top” or ridiculous. These are theories that are written with real-life examples for you to look at. Steve and Alex will tell you about some of their experiences about how to get exposure, and that is powerful stuff because it has worked.

The theories are great because they know people from all walks of life are going to read through this information. They didn’t make it complicated because that is important to those who are not as well-versed in certain aspects of the program.

It is easy to break down, and they have made sure to look into this when it comes to the information relayed to you.

Push Button Influence – Eight Effective Modules

Eight modules within the program are going to help you reach new heights. Each module is important in the grand scheme of things and is going to help. These are fascinating modules, and each one is well-written and compiled with care.

  1. Content
  2. Technology
  3. Planning
  4. Repurposing
  5. Production
  6. Engagement
  7. Networking
  8. Outsourcing

Each module has its value to add to what you are going to do. There is no reason to overlook certain modules nor will there be points where you get bored. It is compelling content, and that is why you will enjoy it.

Emphasis On Personal Growth

One of the standout points of this training program would be how they emphasize personal growth. Other programs drill down to the core about their main topic and forget it is real people who are following the information.

You can’t relay information in a manner where it seems machines are reading through what is written. Instead, Alex and Steve understand it is important to highlight personal growth and how it is going to elevate what is being done.

You cannot have a situation where the program is not helping towards personal growth. This review looked into the themes that were present in the program, and this one kept coming up. “Personal growth” is something both creators have seen in their lives and that is why they want to push it towards those who read the program.

It is a great training program for this reason alone.

Powerful Support Desk

The live support desk is amazing. You can pop in and ask questions with ease. There isn’t a lot of traffic, so they are ready to go when you ask them a question. This support desk is prepared for anything you have to ask, and they have equipped it with people who are smart and on top of their game.

Even the toughest of questions are going to get robust answers.

These are not one-word answers that are going to bother you. Instead, they are trained to provide helpful answers and stick with you until a solution is found. With such an excellent program, they have made sure to work on client satisfaction as well which is nice.

Other programs tend to ignore this, and that is why they fail because a live support desk is important too.

With this support desk set up in the manner that it is, you can be rest assured they will get to the bottom of what is bothering you. This review tested out the support desk to see how it would go, and it was incredible. Add in the fantastic FB group they have for clients and you get to see how far they are willing to work for you.

These are not professionals who just want your money. They do care and are there every step of the way. It is pleasant to see such a meticulous approach to customer service.


There is a price tag to this program, and it is not going to be easy for you. For good things, you have to invest money because they are not going to hand you the good stuff in seconds. Instead, you have to look at the price tag as an investment into your future success.

While you might not want to pay the four-figure price, the ROI you are going to get with the information will be incredible. It is one of those investments that are going to pull you in because of how remarkable the benefits are.

They have outdone themselves and it shows because even with this price tag, it is just a slight kink in the overall armor.

Concluding Thoughts

Push Button Influence is an interesting program because of how diversified it is. There are other programs which might offer the same benefits but are not as comprehensive or appealing. They will lack that power-packed punch needed in the modern age.

This program is great because it doesn’t feel like you are going through the motions. You don’t feel like there is something “cookie cutter” like with how the program has been created and that is a bonus.

Anyone that uses PBI method to launch forward is going to be safe and can rely on being in good hands.

Don’t hesitate when it comes to this training program. Steve Olsher and Alex Mandossian have done a fascinating job.

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Push Button Influence Overview. 

Name a successful business and “exposure” will be the reason for their success. You could create the world’s finest product and service, but if no one is there to hear about it, how are you going to find success? It will become next to impossible for you to get anywhere.

Exposure is the only way to gain influence and spread your name in the market.

Most people are not able to get to this point and don’t even know where to begin. The creators of “Push Button Influence” state it is possible for anyone to gain exposure and influence using the information provided in their program. Here are the pros and cons of what they have to offer in this program.

PBI Method Features

  • Priced at $1,977 For Complete Access To The Product
  • Information On Content Creation And Branding
  • Learn About Production
  • Understand Various Technology Platforms And Their Importance For Exposure
  • Module On Outsourcing (Tools and Labor)
  • Understanding Engagement And How To Utilize It For Exposure
  • Gain Access To Complete Planning Process
  • Understanding Repurposing (Simulcasting)
  • Comprehensive Action Guide With Each Module
  • Live Support Desk For Support
  • Live Webinars For More Information On influence
  • Constant Updates For Real-Time Information
  • Members Only FB Group (Private Access)
  • Complete Templates (Done For You)


With a training program such as this, you want it to have all of the necessary information you need. If you are going to be spending money, you want the information to be useful. It is not just about the quantity, but about how the information is laid out and the value you are getting from it.

When you start to read through all of the modules and how organized it is, you begin to realize the program is a complete goldmine of information. It is tremendous regarding the depth and quality you are getting. They have accessed various gurus from around the world to gauge on what influence is all about and how to gain exposure.

By the end of the training program, you will be well-versed on how to go about your campaigning. You will be able to obtain exposure in minutes with how they have set things up. It is truly “push button” worthy, and this benefit shows throughout.

They are so comprehensive with how they shed light on the main topics and it is a real winner for those who want excellence. You will adore how the information is presented to you. All of your questions are going to be answered in the text and for anything else, their support desk does the job.

PBI – Modern Techniques

The techniques you are going to learn won’t be rehashed items that are not good at all. You can’t be going through information on exposure when it has already been done. You want the “real” stuff when it comes to programs such as this, and that is the case here.

They give you techniques that are going to work right now. You will be able to rush through all of these techniques and understand how it all works. This is some of the most potent stuff you are going to find on the Internet, and that is the best part of it.

These are not techniques that are going to die out on you. The real value comes from these techniques being new and how they are continually updating them as well. They are not looking to stay stagnant with what they are pushing in front of you, and that is where the program becomes tremendously useful.

You will begin to see how it jives with the FB group they have set up. It all works together to help you become a success.

PBI – Incredibly Supportive FB Group

The FB group does not get enough appreciation with other reviews, but they have gone above and beyond with this. The FB group is packed with nuggets that you can use for your campaigns. These are people who are heading towards the same thing, and you can work with them to succeed.

You will also see the founders go through information for you and answer your questions on the spot. What other program is going to give you that level of access? Finding one would be hard. This is why the program is well-rounded because once you have started to look at the items they are presenting to you, it is time to ask questions in the FB group.

This group puts the program on another level.

PBI – Excellent Templates

They have templates included in the modules for you to read and follow. They are essentially handing information on a platter for you to use and access. They don’t want to give you everything when it comes to being unique, but they will guide you every step of the way.

Those who use these templates will be able to rein in success within minutes. Yes, these are templates that have incredible value.

For most people, these templates alone are powerful and something to use for your campaigns.

PBI – Live Support Desk Is Impressive

Let’s move to the support desk because that is important to note here. What if you are going through the training program and have a real question to ask? What if the training program is not working at all? What are you going to do then? You will want to know about this as well.

To make sure this was looked into, the review had to see how the live support desk functioned. They were responsive, and the answer was helpful when it was asked. This is the best part of a good training program such as this. It is responsive to a tee.

PBI – Fun Layout

Let’s move onto the layout as that is important. You don’t want the design of a program such as this to be bland. You want it to be perfect, and that is where money has been spent on their part. You can quickly rotate through all of the modules and find relevant information.

With so much information being provided, you are going to be overwhelmed at first. When you get a hang of how the system works and how they have laid out the program, it becomes a breeze to use it. This is one of the benefits of having an owner who has built two sites from the ground up.

Steve Olsher’s experience shows how the system has been created, and that is a considerable benefit.

A layout such as this is incredible and something that sheds a positive light on the program itself.


Who are the creators? It is best to look into this before you pay money for a training program. You want to go with people who have been able to do it themselves as well. It is one thing to put together information and another to use it in real situations.

Alex-MandossianBeginning with Alex Mandossian, he has created numerous products for Internet marketing purposes such as “Instant Video Generator” and “Audio Generator” to name a few while making millions of dollars. It has not only been his success that has wowed people but more the success of those who have used his assistance. He has helped make millions of dollars for other people and that is the beauty of his information. It can be the catalyst for what others do and the success they see with Internet marketing.



Steve-OlsherMoving to Steve Olsher, his success has been incredible as well and shows how exposure helped him. He has set up four different companies, and each one has been a super hit success making millions of dollars. He was one of the first creators of an e-commerce site along with owning liquor.com.

Yes, he is tremendously successful and knows a thing or two about influence. By reading through this training program, you might be able to gauge over some of this information as well.



Takes Patience To Read

With so much information on offer, you are more than likely to start skipping stuff and skimming through. Please do not do this as that is going to take away from the product. For those who like skimming, this is not a good fit. It is a definite con for those who don’t have patience.

You have so much information in front of you, and that can wane on you. It is best to read through it.

Concluding Thoughts

This is among the finest programs one is going to find. Yes, other training programs aim to provide the same information, but it is not as comprehensive. The level of detail they dive into and how it is presented cannot be matched.

They have truly outdone themselves and their understanding of the topic at hand is incredible. It is just this level of detail that is unmatchable.

The training program is on another level, and that is something anyone can appreciate. Getting your hands on this information will put you light years ahead of anyone else vying for success.

Get Push Button Influence right now!

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