Push Money App Review – Pure Scam?

An In-Depth Review Of Dennis Moreland’s Push Money App.

Binary options trading is becoming one of the most popular ways for people to make money on the Internet. In case you are not familiar with this concept, this is when people use analysis to help them determine whether an asset will rise or fall. Depending on what they selected, it is possible to make a profit right away or lose everything in the same amount of time. Those who do well in this arena do so with the help of trading software.

At this point, there is no way for anyone to give a concrete number referring to the number of software programs that were created for this purpose. In shortened terms, this means that there are too many to count. Push Money App is one such program. It is a trading platform that provides quality help to traders of all levels. If you are interested in learning all of the ins and outs associated with this software, here is a thorough review that will offer all of the information you could ever want or need.

The Cost

Since most people use this as an indicator of whether to try something or not, this is the first factor to be discussed. This particular software program is advertised as being totally free. This is the truth technically, but that does not mean you won’t have to cough up some money before you will be able to get started. In fact, you are required to invest with one of the brokers that are suggested by the software. The minimum deposit amount is $250, so if you don’t have at least this much, you will not be able to get started as soon as you would have liked.

The Creators


Push Money App was created by a man and Dennis Moreland. He had two business partners who worked with him to bring this program to fruition. Unfortunately, one of the partners allowed greed to get to him and he double-crossed Moreland and the other business partner, Mike Callahan. He stole money from the business and was caught, so they decided to pay him off in order to make him disappear.

The problem with this is the fact that this rogue partner took the money and still created a nuisance by releasing a slightly altered version of this software for a hefty price tag that lingered disturbingly around the $10,000 mark. In response, Moreland and Callahan decided to release their version of the software for free. This means that everyone would get a chance to profit from this program except for the offending party. Think about it: Who would pay thousands of dollars for something that can be obtained for nothing.

The Exclusivity

Unlike many of the other software programs of this type, there is a limit to the number of people who are allowed to join. Some people look at this as a negative thing since it means that there are some who will be interested and unable to make the cut. With that said, it is important to look at some of the benefits of being exclusive:

– Fewer people makes it easy to provide traders with individual support.

– When too many people are allowed to join, there will be people who will use the program in ways it was not intended. Keeping the availability low will eliminate some of this.

– It is proof that the creators are more interested in helping you than they are with themselves since allowing unlimited signups would mean more money for them.

The Profits


push-money-app-testimonialIn a video that was created by those who introduced the program, they provide proof that people have actually been paid handsomely for using this. A check is shown for over $129K and it is said that a member made this in around five minutes. Many people are up in arms about this and they claim that this is proof that the software is a scam, which is not the case at all.

Is there a guarantee that every person who joins will make large sums of money that quickly? Absolutely not, and the creators never implied otherwise. Binary options trading is an arena where you cannot make or expect any guarantees. There are some people who will use this to make a killing, yet others will give it a shot and their profits will be on the meager side. There is no way to predict how much you will make, but earning huge rewards is certainly a possibility.

Push Money App Scam Claims

There are some people on the Internet who have taken the time to write reviews about this software, and some of them have said it is a scam. This is not the case at all. If you pay close attention to many of these reviews, you will see the writers blatantly admit that they have never used the software themselves. The claims they have are based on the fact that they are comparing it to other programs they have had experience with in the past. This is a new and exciting system and it should not be compared to any other. Doing so will only result in skewed views of how well this software actually works.

It is also a good idea to note that many people claim there are actors in some of the videos for the program. Can you answer a question for a moment: Isn’t it common for companies to hire actors to represent them in marketing videos? Even if the people in the videos are not the actual people who made money, they represent those who have used Push Money App and achieved success.

The Bonus

As you were already told, you will need to place $250 in an account with a broker in order to get started. This is a very modest amount that is affordable for most. If you are someone who has quite a bit more money to invest, you should consider investing $10,000. That may sound pretty steep, but the creators of this program are willing to offer you a matching bonus. This means that you will double the amount you invest and have the opportunity to make twice as much as you would have otherwise.

The Simplicity


On great thing about this software is that anyone can use it. Whether you are an experienced trader or you just learned about it yesterday, you can handle this software with ease. This is because you are not required to make any of the decisions on your own. The software does all of the analysis and makes trades based on that. While it is not accurate all of the time, it makes the correct decisions more than 70% of the time. That is far more accurate than the average human, which means you have a far better chance of doing well and making a profit.


There are many systems that make it very hard for people to withdraw the profits they have earned. In fact, some of them require you to have astronomical sums in your account in order to gain access to what is rightfully yours. This system is not like this at all. You are permitted to make a withdrawal any time you are satisfied with your balance and you want to cash out; it is as simple as that. The creators of this software respect the fact that the money obtained is yours and they will never try to take that away from you.

Push Money App Customer Support

Just because you are told that a program is easy to use does not mean that is the experience you will have with it. In the event that you are unable to figure something out and/or you have general questions, there is a chat support feature available to you. This means that you will have access to someone right away; you will not have to sit on a phone endlessly listening to elevator music while waiting for someone to take your call. You can have someone ready to help with a few clicks of your mouse.

In addition to the chat feature, there are video tutorials available to anyone who needs assistance. Keep in mind that these are absolutely free of charge. While some program owners will charge you money for help that they should be providing anyway, this is not the case here. Moreland and Callahan want you to do well, so they are more than happy to provide these complimentary materials in order to help you do your best.



While there are some systems that are only available to people who have desktops, those who have other devices can use this as well. As long as your device is able to access the Internet, you should have no problem using this. This means that those who use tablets and smartphones can feel free to get in on the action. Since the program is so easy to use and navigate, this will not harm your profit margin in any way.

The Guarantee

In life there are no guarantees, so it should not surprise you that this applies to the binary options world as well. This is why most people who create this type of software are not willing to offer users some type of guarantee. Unlike the rest, you are more than welcome to request your money back if you do not receive any results in the specified amount of time. Why would anyone offer you such a thing if they did not know that they have the best system around.

International Users

If you are from a country that does not speak English, the customer support works a little differently. While you are not able to use the chat feature or call a phone number to get help, you can send an email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. This may be a little discouraging if you are out there and all ready to invest, but it is only a small issue. Considering the fact that some software pros are only available to people who live in a handful of countries, you should really appreciate that this is available to you, even if getting help is a bit more comprehensive than you would have liked.

No Downloads

One issue that many users have when using binary options software is threats to their operating system. No one wants to download some sketchy software to their computer than sit around while everything goes haywire. This program is completely Web-based, which means that there will not be a need for you to download anything. You can log on, use the program and then go about your business without worrying about have any underlying threats waiting to harm your system.


– Access to the software is totally free.

– Novices can use this with ease.

– No software to download to your computer.

– Excellent customer support.

– More than 70% accuracy.

– A $10,000 investment is matched, which means more money in your pocket.


– Limited help for people who do not live in English speaking countries.

– You will have to invest at least $250 with a broker.

– There is a chance you will lose all of your money (typical with trading in general).

As you can tell by this point, there are many good and not-so-good points when it comes to Push Money App system. Do not allow the cons to stop you from trying this program since the potential to make money far outweighs the risk.

There are countless binary options software programs out there, and none of them can compare to this one. From the free video tutorials to the guarantee that is offered by the creators, it is clear to see that this software should be placed in a class of its own. Stop sitting around wondering if this program will work for you; the only way to know for sure is if you try it.



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