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The affiliate marketing industry is constant in one thing. Change. What worked last year (or even last week) might not work today. It used to be you could get an affiliate link, through thousands of keywords into a Google Adwords campaign, send people directly to the product, and rake in the profits. Or, you could crank out a bunch of low quality articles and submit them to article directories and start making money. Not anymore. Here are some affiliate marketing tips you can use to make sure you’re headed in the right direction and you don’t wake up tomorrow having had your business destroyed because of yet more changes.

If you are looking to build a long term affiliate marketing business be very careful what businesses and products you promote. Marketing shady or poor products and services is a great way to destroy your reputation. It may be a great offer that’s raking on cash, but a few bucks today is not worth the damage it can do over the long term.

But, helping a visitor find a product he or she is interested in can make them appreciate your site and come back for more.

Always be on the lookout for similar, yet better, offers for your site visitors.

Be sure and have a budget and understand that there are costs involved to running an affiliate marketing business. Sure, it’s much, much cheaper than starting an offline business but to do it right, you’ll want to be able to purchase certain tools and services that make things a lot easier. While you may not need it right away, you’ll want things like your own domain name, a web hosting account and an autoresponder account.

Set up your own tracking and keep an eye on what your affiliate account says an if they are similar. You want to make sure you are getting credit for all your sales. Read what their cookie policy is as well. Some affiliate programs cookie your visitors for life so if they go through your affiliate link and by two months later, you still get the sale. With others, it could be only 24 hours.

Be sure and make your affiliate links relevant. Don’t just plaster affiliate links or banners all over a page on your site. That may have worked years ago but not anymore.

Visitors will be more likely to click in-context links that will give them more information on the topic they are reading about on that page. If you’re writing information about how best to use a juicer to stay healthy and lose weight, that’s a great place to include affiliate links to a quality juicer.

If you have the budget (and you should do this eventually, no matter what), use your own URLs and domain names that direct to your affiliate link. Affiliate links can change and you may decide to promote a similar product in the future. If you have your own link, you can always change what the affiliate link is that it redirects to and that will fix it everywhere online.

It’s important to stay informed on an ongoing basis about affiliate marketing. It’s changing constantly and quickly. Be sure and find quality sources of information on running an affiliate marketing business so that you know what changes are coming and you can adjust your plan so you can continue to grow your business.

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