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Basically, this is the second release of the course by Anik Singal, which has been proven to deliver results in not more than 24 hours. He even took 5 of his students as proof to back this up by doing a case study, to show how anyone can do this step-by-step. Now he just opened doors to the Inbox Blueprint 2.0, hurry up and secure a spot. Seats are running out quite fast.

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Who is this Anik Singal

Anik-Singal-Inbox-BlueprintAnik Singal is a highly sought after internet marketer who has been in the field for over 10 years. Just like most, he went from nothing to something, went back to nothing, and then ended up with a business empire. Many marketers have a similar story since most of them started out in the Google‘s AdWords space, but then lost all of their income when Google decided to slap off a lot of marketers. However, some like Anik were able to rise to their feet again, and have sold millions of dollars’ worth of products online.

Anik Singal has been features in some of the major media outlets including CNN, to share his success story. He build his own Fortune 500 company, which has helped other businesses to be success. Due to his excellence and generous nature, he has received several awards including a top listing under the Inc. 500 for education providers and a number 2 listing in the Business Week Top entrepreneurs. His internet marketing training organization has essentially helped a lot of people to create successful online marketing careers.

As one of the reputable pioneers in affiliate marketing, he has helped create many successful affiliate-marketing sites, and has also created a number of training courses in the internet marketing niche, to help people make their first income online.

What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 about?

The point of the inbox Blueprint is to teach you that creating an effective email list is one of the vital elements when you want to achieve success in online marketing. Despite inbox cutters being popular these days, there is a growing number of clients who are quite sensitive towards the various forms of unwanted communication. Because of this, it is crucial to come up with an effective email marketing strategy, which is ideally what Inbox Blueprint is all about.

How is Email Marketing going to Help my Business?

Building an effective email list is generally straightforward. For the business owners who might be unfamiliar with some of the concepts, here are the major benefits you can reap from email marketing:

1. More Sales
With the help of an informative email, a client can fully understand the value of a product or service, and this translates into an increased sale rate via spent email. Promotional emails (emails concerning offers or such) and new arrival emails (emails concerning new product or service) are well known for effectively promoting the sales of a business. All these are covered in depth inside the Inbox Blueprint course.

2. Brand Loyalty
Regular and frequent emails sent to clients without getting on their nerve are very effective. Keep in mind that each email should always remind your customers about your business, and how it is beneficial to them. In this case, whenever the customer needs a service or product offered by your company, they will immediately bring to mind your business as top of the list, all thanks to the newsletters, or holiday emails you sent them.

3. More Customers
As marketers develop more effective ways to promote the business with email marketing, your business will in turn gain more customers. You can effectively make your customers buy more and remain loyal to your brand by sending regular newsletters, reorder emails, welcome emails, testimonial emails, holiday as well as ‘we miss you’ emails. These can also turn potential and the one-time customers into regular loyal customers.

So, what exactly is covered in the Inbox Blueprint 2?

Picking a niche
The modules in the course show you the most effective niches that can guarantee success and make money with email marketing. They also give you the best methods to look into the niches on your own by use of 3 resources given in the course, to find great niches online. You will also find 4 critical questions that you should ask yourself before going into a particular niche, to help you stay clear of making a mistake by going into a rather unprofitable niches that can make your job a lot more harder.

At the end of this module, you will be assisted with finger nailing your specific niche. This is quite important especially after going through the workouts, as you can seek help whenever you come across an obstacle.

Opt-in Pages
After you have chosen your niche of interest, this module will help you to learn about creating reliable opt-in pages in order to optimize the number of customers you can get through your selection. One of the most important thing you will learn here is that ‘simple is finest’. You will also learn the crucial elements to focus on for highly converting opt-in pages, and exactly what these elements are.

They will also show you some effective instances of opt-in pages that carry out highly, so that you can get a better picture. This comes in handy, especially when coupled with the ‘natural focal facts’ that let you know what people focus on in a landing page. You also get a few design templates for your opt-in pages that you can merely replicate.

Secret Thank You Pages
This helps you to monetize your email list from the first day by showing your clients a nice deal right after they opt-in. this greatly helps you to increase your profits. Anik Singal advises you to place a particular type of deal on the TYP, which he has tested himself, and has proven to be quite rewarding on the thank you pages.

Auto-responders and Clicks Monitoring
This module could appear a bit overwhelming, but when you undergo its lessons, you will see how easy it is to sign up and take care of all emails you have to send to your clients. You will also learn the importance of tracking your clicks, monitoring the efficiency of the different emails you send out, and how people respond to them. The module ends by practicing your very own first email list.

Email Marketing
The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 will show you the different types of emails you can send out to your list, and it gives you 3 regulations that can make or break the entire marketing strategy. One of the 3 regulations is likely to shock you, as it seems a total reverse of what would seemingly be the right thing to do. You will also gain a better understanding on how you should each email, with suggestions on how to get in touch with your audience on an emotional level, to make you a likeable character among your subscribers.

Quality Traffic and Improving Results
Here, you will learn all the ways you can use to get targeted site visitors especially on your opt-in page. The module covers 8 straightforward approaches, with 7 of them being cost free. Under the results module, you will learn how you can improve email deliverability and get more people in your listing. A repairing area is available to help you find solutions to some of the problems you might be facing.

Your business can only enjoy the benefits discussed above and several other ones through an effective email marketing strategy. In this case, it is vital for your business to build an effective email list, and invest in Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint 2.0 to achieve greater success.

To Get instant access to Anik’s Inbox Blueprint 2.0 i recommend you pay Upfront YES so that you can save $300…however you can choose the payment plan YES3 if you can’t afford it right now…so that you don’t miss out on this great training.

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If you want more info on IB make sure you read my in depth Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review.


Leads Tunnel Review


Leads Tunnel Unbiased Review

Leads Tunnel is a powerful but user-friendly software that has been creating a buzz on the market. The product is getting quite a positive reviews from its users, including industry experts such as Chad Nicely, Brad Callen, and Matt Grey Ford (Anyone who had been in the internet marketing scene for some time might have heard about the reputation of these experts). Any product recommended by such industry experts has to be of exceptional quality. Hence, you can be sure of a top-quality product when you purchase the Leads Tunnel software. On the other hand, just take a look at the creators of the product! Leads Tunnel is created by Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim, and Fred Lam, all highly respected names in the internet marketing circle. This article provides a comprehensive review of Leads Tunnel.

Who Are Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim, And Fred Lam?

Leads Tunnel is created by the powerhouse trio of Anik Singal, Fred Lam, and Jimmy Kim. Considering the reputation of these internet marketing millionaires, the product has to be of exceptional quality. This is why Leads Tunnel has become so popular as one of the most effective software which allows you to synchronize your leads in Facebook to any email software of your desire.


anik-singalAnik is one of the most successful digital publishing marketers in the US today. BusinessWeek recognized him as one of the top 3 U.S. Entrepreneurs Under 25. He’s currently an Inc500 CEO. His digital publishing businesses generate over $20-million a year in sales. He has generated over $100-million in online publishing sales to date. Inbox Blueprint was another one of Anik’s highly successful products.



jimmy-kim Jimmy Kim is the other online millionaire behind this software. Build My List is a highly successful product released by Jimmy Kim in the recent past. He was mentored by Anik Singal at the beginning of his online marketing career but later joined Anik in creating so many successful online marketing products.




fred-lamFred Lam is another online millionaire of the “iPro Academy” fame. Fred has been in the internet marketing game for many years to learn the ins and outs of online marketing, social media, SEO, and many other disciplines of internet marketing. Fred has been promoting affiliate products at the start of his career where he became a super affiliate and made millions of dollars on the net. Any product created by such experienced and successful marketers has to be an instant hit and highly effective at what it is supposed to do. This is why you need not have any fear of purchasing Leads Tunnel if you want to build a highly responsive email list without using a landing page. Yes, you heard that correctly, you DON’T need a landing page to make money using this software.

How Does The Software Work?

Leads Tunnel is extremely easy to use. What the software does is, it creates a simple tunnel between your Facebook account and the email automation software or autoresponder you currently use. Once a lead is collected within Facebook, the software will automatically send it to your autoresponder through a tunnel. The process happens almost instantly. In fact, the software doesn’t retain any of your email leads data. Hence, your leads are safe and secure from hackers. In fact, you can simply collect leads from Facebook without using a squeeze page. It takes an entire step out of the sales funnel process for you. This will help to increase your clicks as well as lower your cost-per-click (CPC).

Here is how the whole thing works:

  1. A Facebook user will see your advertisement and click on it.
  2. The information on the lead such as name and email is automatically inserted into the lead form.
  3. They hit the submit button, and the lead is on your email list within a second.

The software is integrated with over twenty email autoresponder programs such as GetResponse, Aweber, Infusionsoft, Sendlane, and many other programs. Hence, no matter which autoresponder you use for email automation, you can take advantage of the Leads Tunnel software.

The software is highly recommended for any marketer no matter what his or her experience level is. Even industry experts such as Brad Callen and Chad Nicely have made use of this amazing software to milk Leads from Facebook. Once you purchase the software, you will get access to the members area where you will get some pretty epic training too. Here’s what you will get in the members area.

  1. You can access the software from the members area. You only need to make a one-time payment of just $37 (Remember, the price can increase at any time once the required members join the program). You have nothing to download since the software is web-based and cloud-hosted for your convenience.
  2. You’ll get a bonus Facebook leads video training.
  3. You’ll also get a 30-day free autoresponder account on Sendlane. All this for just a one-time payment of a meager $37.

Leads Tunnel software comes with UNLIMITED use license. There is no cap whatsoever on the number of ads you can create. The support received is excellent. All the support staff are 100% English speaking and U.S. based. The best part is the software comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can use the software for 30-days with no risk on your part. If you are not satisfied with the results you get with the software, just send an email to support, and they will issue a 100% refund with no questions asked.

What About Upsells?

Although there are two upsells, they are not required for you to become successful with the Leads Tunnel software. But you can take a look at the upsells if you wish to do so.

  • Upsell-1 is an FB Master training and community. It consists of an epic training on Facebook ads. The course will show you what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to Facebook ads.
  • Upsell-2 is all about email master training where Anik and Jimmy will show you how to become successful in email marketing. It includes an A to Z training on email marketing.


Whether you are a newbie marketer or an experienced pro, the Leads Tunnel software will help you build Facebook leads and instantly add them to your email autoresponder software. The best part is you will not require a squeeze page to build a highly responsive email list using this amazing software. The software is tested and approved by Facebook. Buy the software right now if you want to build a highly targeted and responsive email list without using a landing page.




Anik Singal Profit Academy Review

What Is Profit Academy?

Most Internet marketing programs make amazing programs but only deliver unhelpful e-books or boring videos. Profit Academy stands out with its comprehensive 12-week course divided into 13 modules and 2 main phases. The first phase of the program will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing. You will learn how to promote products and build a list of subscribers. The second phase is about creating your very own digital products. You will get access to the all the tools and knowledge you need to market your own products and get great results. This efficient course is only offered for a limited time period.

Who Is Profit Academy Creator Anik Singal?

AnikIf you are familiar with the world of affiliate marketing, the name Anik Singal should be familiar to you. Anik Singal is an affiliate marketing pioneer and the mastermind behind Profit Academy. His years of experience in the world of affiliate marketing is what makes Profit Academy stand out from other programs. Singal has become a successful marketer thanks to affiliate programs and the Internet. He started with absolutely nothing – just like you. He was directly involved in the creation of this course and you will be able to contact him through emails or interact with him via webinars or special events once you sign up for the program. Singal’s extensive experience with affiliate marketing makes Profit Academy an excellent choice for beginners and for experienced marketers as well.

Why Is Profit Academy Different From Other Programs?

There are countless programs designed to teach you about Internet and affiliate marketing available. However, a vast majority of these programs were designed for no other purposes but to help their creators earn a passive income. These programs will not help you become a better marketer. We are confident about Profit Academy being more efficient than the majority of affiliate marketing programs. The fact that Anik Singal developed this course definitely makes it stand out. You will get much more than an e-book, a webinar or some videos. This program is offered only for a limited time period and will give you the possibility to get in touch with Singal and with the Profit Academy head coaches as you learn about affiliate marketing. The potential ROI for this program is huge thanks to all the resources available to you.

How Does Profit Academy Work?

Are you tired of affiliate marketing programs that only teach very abstract concepts? The truth is, most affiliate marketing program creators are good at talking and making promises but usually fail in teaching their students anything useful. The information presented is either not helpful or not presented in a way that helps students learn anything they can apply later. Profit Academy was designed with a different approach. You will find a lot of information about this course if you look it up online or if you visit the official website. There is some details on the kind of content you will study once you sign up for the program. Unlike most affiliate marketing programs, you will have a good idea of what you will study and what the takeaway will be.

  • Profit Academy is set up so that beginners can get started right away:
    Freebies are offered so that beginners can prepare themselves before the course start. Profit Academy will launch on February 23rd but free resources are offered by Singal and by his team until then. You can start by reading Singal’s e-book called Circle of Profit for free when you sign up for Profit Academy. This e-book will teach you about the basics of affiliate marketing and give you an idea of what a successful campaign looks like. You will also have access to a free training video that is similar to a webinar. This video should give you a good idea of what the course will look like. You can register for free training, which will come in handy before and after taking the course.
  • Phase One will provide you with plenty of helpful resources. You will have access to videos, software and marketing information. These resources are designed to help you understand the basics of affiliate marketing and to teach you how to build an email list and get more than 10,000 subscribers. You will also learn how to find a niche that is right for you in function of your knowledge and passions. Choosing the right niche is crucial to your success as an affiliate marketer.
  • Phase Two will go further and take a more practical approach to affiliate marketing. You will learn how to launch your own digital business. You will not have to deal with physical products and earn an income by selling services and digital products. You will learn all about sales funnels, a term used to refer to the process prospects go through before becoming customers. You will learn how to create video sales letters (VSLs), one of the best method used to generate leads and sales. Phase Two will also cover affiliate recruitment, show you how to take advantage of the free resources offered online and help you become a successful affiliate marketer.

What Are The 13 Modules?

It is perfectly understandable that you would want to find out what the Profit Academy course includes before you sign up. You can visit the Profit Academy website for a detailed description of the 13 modules of the course. The company is absolutely transparent and Singal and his team are dedicated to helping individuals who want to become affiliate marketers. Module 1 will teach you about the basics of digital information marketing, a technique Singal has used to create a successful affiliate marketing empire. There will be 12 additional modules released on a weekly basis.

What Are The Advantages Of Profit Academy?

  • After researching Profit Academy, here are the advantages we found:
  • Quality support is offered
  • The program yields real results
  • The program is designed so that you can adopt a number of approaches to affiliate marketing in function of what works best for you.
  • The information is relevant and up to date.
  • The course is very comprehensive.
  • Private members have access to more content.
  • You can easily contact Singal and his team via email, webinars and events.

Are There Any Downsides?

Do not expect affiliate marketing to make you rich overnight. You will have to follow the course for 12 weeks, which requires some time and effort to get results.

My Verdict:

Profit Academy is probably the best affiliate marketing program out there. That’s especially true when it’s stacked up against the competition. This is a complete coaching program that does what it promises.The program is set up in such a way that it is not only appropriate for newbies but also for intermediate and experienced marketers.

Note: Anik said that once the members area is filled with the targeted number of members he is going to take the offer down. So if you really want to learn from a real guru and a honest marketer this is your chance. Don’t miss it!






Related Article about affiliate marketing:

Have you been wanting to look for affiliate marketing advice but haven’t been able to? There is just too much out there for advice that cannot be verified. If you are willing to work with the advice presented here by Profit Academy it should help you to become more in the know on this matter.

An affiliate marketing plan that has a pay-per-sale model can have its risks but does pay off at times. If you have a PPS affiliate it will be need to only get paid if you have a visitor that buys from an advertiser. This doesn’t happen very often. When this does occur, however, you will find the payment to be quite a bit including a commission for the product in some cases.

Keep looking for commissions that pay a lot. A business that’s giving you a small percentage won’t really care about the readers or customers they have. Figure out who can give you a commission in double digits when it comes to that percentage. Companies that do this are going to be more respectful of those they work with.

Don’t get scared of handing out tasks to other people to get more to happen. Sometimes a beginning affiliate will not have trust in anyone else. This type of thinking may have you miss out on various great opportunities. One thing’s for sure, you always need to look over a candidate for an outsourcing job to be sure they’re going to do great work for you.

When you pick a program do affiliate marketing with, don’t get involved in a scam. If you find a website that has a bunch of errors and broken pages, or if they don’t give you a website to check out, go somewhere else. Legitimate affiliate marketing programs use professionally built resources and try to come across as professionals.

One thing you can benefit from doing affiliate marketing in a good network is that you can find good vendors that have great vertical and horizontal development. Sometimes your partners in affiliate marketing can give you front and back-end commissions. They can up, down, and maybe even cross-sell. You will find that the more professional people are the more money you can make with them.

Get a plan written down that is easy for you to stick with. Have some goals in mind so you know what you want to get from your affiliate marketing. This allows you to get good products offered up and nice services promoted. Make sure your program has room to work before you switch to something else.

If you’re trying to create extra income with an affiliate marketing plan, pick out a product you know is going to make you enjoy it so you can review it. Then you’l want to have backlinks made that go to your article to help with the search engine position it has.

When you’re trying to first get into affiliate marketing, don’t try to work with more than six programs at once. When you have that little to concentrate on at first, you can learn all of the ins and outs of the business. After you can begin to master the basics you’ll then be able to take on more challenges that come with bigger portfolios.

After all is said and done, you can spend a lot of time learning about affiliate marketing. This article should have given you some great information on the matter. Now you can use what you have learned so you can get your needs met easily.