TAURIBOT Review – Scam or Real Deal?

Want to become rich? Want to find a sustainable source of income based on your investments? Sounds lovely to read, but if you are not using the right method or tool, it won’t happen for you. Dr. Steven Archer has built the “Tauribot”, which is a binary trading software that claims to help out.

Is this software a scam or is it unequivocally good? You will learn about that in this exhaustive review on Tauribot. Let’s first begin with Dr. Steven Archer and who he is as the founder.

About Dr. Steven Archer


Who is the man behind “Tauri Bot”. When purchasing binary software understanding the founder/developer is pertinent because it gives a deeper idea of how the software came about and what it delivers.

Traders have to remain profitable with their binary trading or a lot of money can be lost.

Dr. Steven Archer understood this and began working on first recognize how binary trading worked and how he could optimize it for traders. He wanted it to become a risk-averse way of earning money because in the beginning he had also lost funds due to how high the risk was.

He earned his Ph.D. from Chicago University and then began applying his trade in binary trading and the world of finance. He is now the CEO of Tauribot.


TauriBot-Software - Interface

  1. Analyze Financial Data From Countless Resources
  2. Genuine Analysis
  3. Provides Automation For All Trading Being Done Through Platform
  4. User-Friendly Software And Interface
  5. Financial Trends Are Updated In Real-Time For Binary Traders To Employ
  6. Trade Prediction Is Available To Reduce Research For Traders
  7. $250 Deposit Upon Signing Up (Account Minimum)
  8. Easy Setup To Get Trading Up And Running
  9. Easy To Access From Any Device

These are the features which make up what this software provides traders.

Platform Connects With All Devices


You don’t always carry a laptop around with you, right? Most people right now have multiple devices they use to do work. This could be a high-end smartphone, tablet, or another mobile device that can be carried around. If you are one of those traders who is always moving about, you want accessibility from all devices.

This software does work on any device. It runs smoothly regardless of what you are holding in your hands.

Incredible Access To Financial Trends

The reason this software works is the use of financial trends to determine what is a good trade and what is not. The software was tested for this review and it is remarkable how well it can read modern financial trends and then figure out what a good trade would be like.

This is where the positive returns come from.

Returns Are Tested

It is the testing that has differentiated the software from everyone else. The returns are tested meaning all of the signals being given are assured to be good. The acquiring of these signals and how they are processed has been tested by the developers to make sure nonsensical information is not going through.

TauriBot Modern Trading Algorithm


The trading algorithm is unlike anything else being sold through binary trading software. The trading algorithm is swift and seamless. It races through all of the real-time data coming in and then makes decisions through automated processing. The decision is then turned into a signal where the trade is made. This trading algorithm is just astounding.

Unbelievable Staff And Customer Service

What about the actual people who are running the ship? Are they any good or are they just in it to make a money? When the service is not good, you will most likely have walked into a scam. These people are not running away and are some of the nicest individuals you will meet in the industry.

They are just incredible and that adds to the convenience of this software in case you have questions.

Seamless Interface

The interface is seamless. You sign up and start to click through the main page. You will know where to click even if you are just beginning. The loading time is minimal and you can do all of your research (i.e. graphs and trends) inside the platform. You don’t even have to do anything outside of what you get on the page.

This interface is a shining part of why Dr. Steven Archer is so happy about how his product looks.

Great Minimum For Signing Up

When you sign up with most other binary trading options, you will realize the minimum is sky high and absurd. This could be a number that is $500+ and can be too much for most traders. If you are just a beginner this can become daunting.

So, the set minimum of $250 gives you a lot more. It provides you with a minimum that is practical.

Automation Is Flawless

Yes, the software claims to automate everything once you have signed up. In this regard, Tauribot is wonderful and does automate with ease. You just put in all of the information and go to the settings for automation purposes. The software is then trained to read through all of the options, research, and make sound decisions for you.

The return you will get from the signals being received should be more than you would have done on your own. This is when the software will begin to showcase itself as an automation beast that just plows through everything put in front of it.

Set Up Has To Be Done On Your Own

The first con you will find out about when using this software would be the setup. It is not just the $250 (which is rather low and a positive), but the setting up before you automate everything. You need to put in all of your information and start looking through all of the data being given to you.

This is fine, but it also means you have to do some of the hard work on your own.

For traders, this is not what the want, but with any good software, you will have to do this much. You will have to get the set up working for you and then click the right settings to ‘automate’. Just put in a few minutes of hard work here and then sit back because the automation with this software is exceptional.

Returns Can Fluctuate With The Market

The returns are not guaranteed even though you will eventually hit great numbers. This means it is the market that will dictate how much you will earn as a binary trader. This is the same for any software and if they claim to give you the world, they are lying to you.

Dr. Steven Archer and his team does not do this. They don’t want to scam you nor do they want to fill your head with ridiculous claims. They state you can hit an 82% return and this is a feasible number. If someone could claim 100% return, they would be lying.

The market determines that and even the best algorithm won’t hit those numbers. If you want 100% return, you are not in the right industry.

Tauribot Site Could Give More Information

Dr. Steven Archer does not do justice to his software because the website itself is not a good seller. The video is nice and you can tell he is is someone who is passionate about binary trading, but it does not showcase itself as you go through the site.

It does not read as nicely and you don’t feel as comfortable. When you go to a site for any type of binary trading software, it should be crisp and clean. This site is a tad clunky and that does hurt its chances. Yet, the beauty of his software is where you forget about how the actual website was.

Give it time because you should not judge on your first impression. You might lose out on something special here.

Dr. Steven Archer1

Concluding Opinion

Among all of the binary trading software tools, Dr. Steven Archer’s Tauri Bot interface is heartwarming and efficient. It is a tool that is accessible and phenomenal in setting the standards for how trading should be done. It is the balance of how the system’s interface runs and how well it provides options for traders that sets it apart.

It is not ‘perfect’ and no one can claim that. it does have hitches which cause concern as mentioned above.

Yet, the pros are undeniable for someone who wants to trade with patience and wants to see a return on their investment. If money is being put into binary trading, this tool will help bring it back for you and assist in making money. You won’t be ambushed without purpose as some can be when they choose the wrong software.

Dr. Steven Archer’s incredibly educated and experienced background compared with a developer team that knew how to create binary trading software means you will find greatness. It is not magic because it is built on real-world promises and quality.

Purchasing this is compulsory if you want to prosper.


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