The Amissio Formula Review


Unbiased Review Of The New Amissio Formula

A lot of people have made a lot of money through binary options trading. Some people have spent so much time trading that they’ve learned how to spot trades with high potential without doing much research. Craig Phillips is one of those people, but he’s definitely different than the rest. What makes him different? He’s willing to share his secrets with the masses. He’s already made himself millions, others millions, and his system could even help you make millions.

Craig Phillips has created an automated trading platform that he’s been testing with select groups of traders for the last few years. It helped create multiple millions in its first two years and the system has only improved since then.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Another automated trading system? Could it possibly be any different than the rest?” and the answer is yes! It is true that there are quite a few trading systems on the market, but most of them have something unique that lets them stand out from the rest. Those that don’t are usually just marketing hype and out to take your money.

The Amissio Formula, which is Craig’s trading software, has quite a few unique traits that cause it to stand out. It’s virtually risk-free, it’s extremely easy to use, and it allows for automated or manual trading at your discretion. You don’t have to break your wallet just to use his system and it’s already been proven to deliver real results.

Craig’s Story.

Craig PhillipsA look at Craig’s story will help you understand why he created the formula and why you can trust it to work. Craig isn’t your average run-of-the-mill trader who is hoping to make a few bucks. He was once a leading senior trader at one of the biggest banks in the country. Each day, his job was to manage tons of trades and help people from all over the country build their fortunes.

During the financial crisis several years back Craig decided to quit his job so that he could help a larger audience make the money the needed to enjoy life. This was a time when millions of people were struggling and looking for some way to secure their financial freedom. Craig brought four fellows traders from the company when he left and they started working on the software.

It took all of their experience, expertise, and trading knowledge to create the Amissio Formula and we’re all glad that they did. In 2014, they accepted their first round of beta testers. Only fifty people were allowed to join the group. Of those fifty people, several of them went on to make more than a million dollars thanks to the automated software.


Does It Work?


Not everyone that uses the software is going to be a millionaire. I’ve used it and I’m not yet a millionaire, but I definitely believe it could be in my future. Obviously, the initial capital you invest with your broker of choice is going to determine the rate of gain. Most brokers only require a deposit of $250 so you could start with that much to test the waters, but it will take a long time for that to bring in the big bucks.

Personally, I chose to start with the minimum investment just to see if the software worked. I’ve been burned by automated trading programs in the past and I was highly skeptical. When I joined the initial beta group I was able to choose a qualifying broker from the list provided. I invested the minimum amount, turned on the auto trade option, and left it alone for a few days.

During the first year of beta testing, the accuracy of the trades was calculated at 90 percent. I never saw a losing trade in my account for the first few months. When I did actually see a loss it was only a few cents. Now, I wasn’t one of the traders who became a millionaire, mostly because I was hesitant to invest more money, but I definitely saw significant gains for the small amount of capital I invested.

Most of the other traders were making anywhere from $800 to $4,000 every day. That means, on the high end of the scale, some traders made close to $1.5 million in their first year of using this software. Most companies would have went ahead and released this to the public as a finished product, but not Craig. He wanted it to be better.

It Got Even Better.

90 percent accuracy is an amazing number in the world of binary options trading. That’s almost risk-free, but Craig and his team felt that ten percent chance of taking a loss could be reduced even further. They returned to the drawing board and made some significant changes to the automated trading formula.


The team continued to work on the coding of the software for another year. When they were finally finished they declared that they had created the world’s first and only no-loss automated trading software. A trading platform with 100 percent accuracy. No other software in existence can claim such a high percentage of winning trades.

In the past, we’ve all heard that “trading without taking losses is impossible”. This is something I believed and millions of others believed, but not Craig. He shattered this myth by creating a product that makes only winning trades all day long. A product that never loses a single dime.

The name itself, Amissio Formula, comes from a Latin phrase that translates to “No Loss Formula” because that’s exactly what it is. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t tried it for myself. A new round of beta testing was opened this year and of course, I was there on the ground floor. I invested more capital than the first time and I haven’t seen a single loss yet.

You Could Join The Team.

There’s still room on this year’s beta team for more traders, but that won’t last long. Even if you’re only interested in trading the smallest amounts possible to test the waters, it’s absolutely worth it.


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