The Money Glitch Review – Just Another Scam?!


An Honest, Unbiased Review Of The Money Glitch by Selena Fairbrother

Moneymaking opportunities come a dime a dozen, yet many of them are not what they seem to be. This is why doing your due diligence before joining a program is essential. The Money Glitch is a system that promises to help the average person make more money than they have ever dreamed of. I am about to eliminate the guesswork and give you the most thorough review possible.

The Creator

Selena_FairbrotherThe first thing I noticed is that this program is attributed to a woman named Selena Fairbrother. She is an average Internet user with no prior investing experience and she has managed to turn her PC into a goldmine. It was a little confusing when I watched a video where she touted the program as the best ever, yet she gave someone else credit for being the creator. According to her, she was a tester that used the system to make a decent profit, but the system is actually the brainchild of another person.

The Profits

There are claims that this system can make a person more than $2000 in four minutes. While this may happen in some cases, this is probably not typical. Even so, the amount of money that people have proven they made using this system is very impressive. Fairbrother is very open when sharing her finances with others and she has made over $1M with this system. Considering the fact that this program is marketed to the average person who never imagined becoming a millionaire, this is a substantial sum.

What Is It?

The system is based on binary options, which is the process of dictating how well currency pairs will do in the market. It is fairly complicated stuff and generally only attempted by people who have a solid background in finance. There is a glitch in the system and it is exploited in order to make people a lot of money. This may sound frightening and on the illegal side, but it is completely safe and legal – no worries.

Ease Of Use

While the basis behind the program may seem complicated, the system is fully automated, which means that you don’t actually have to know anything about binary options. In fact, you can walk around and live your life as normal while the system does all of the work. At the end of the day, all you have to do is look at the money you have made and decide whether you want to allow it to accumulate or if you want to cash out.

There are no hard instructions to figure out or hours of material that needs to be studied. When you join the program, you can get started right away. Many people have gotten started and made a considerable profit on the first day.

The Odds

When you trade in the binary options market and you have no idea what you are doing, the odds of you doing well are pretty slim. With that said, this system is fully automated, so you are able to have odds that are close to 85% in most cases. There are some people who have done well between 90-95% of the time, but that is not typical. Even so, it is great to know how large the earning potential of this program is.

Scam Claims

There are some people out there who claim that this is a scam just like many other binary options programs on the planet. The problem is that this system is innovative and cannot be compared to any other. The fact that most of these people admit they have never used the program themselves proves that they have no idea what they are talking about. In the introductory video for the program, more than one person clearly proves that they have been paid. As far as I know, there is not scammy about being paid.

The Cost

This system is absolutely free, which means that you can get access to it without making an investment to the creator. With that said, you will be required to open a brokerage account and deposit $200. This means that you will have to make an investment, but it is a small amount considering how much you have the potential to earn. The reality is that people should not expect to make money when they are fearful of spending any. That is unrealistic and it will set you up for failure.


If you begin using the system and you are having trouble with it, there are people available to help you. While some programs are created by people who really do not care if you struggle to learn the ropes, that is not the case here. All of the materials you need and any help you require are all given to you – no exceptions. Even though the system is fully automated, there are people involved who are more than willing to help you understand how everything works.



  • You do not have to invest any money to get access to the program. This is not one of those programs that are designed to drain your wallet.
  • Anyone can use this program with ease, even if they have never even heard of binary options before.
  • The system is fully automated, so there really is nothing for you to do but sit back and let it do magic.
  • The odds of doing well are really high and are advertised as being 85% accurate. This is a very high number considering the average is generally 50-65% for most traders.
  • You have the potential to make a great deal of money and this program will help you earn money every day that you use it.
  • This is not a scam and you will not have to do anything illegal to get paid.
  • You are offered free assistance if you are having trouble with any aspect of the program.


  • You will need to have $200 to invest with a broker.
  • You will be unable to choose your own broker. There is only one that is available to the users of this program.
  • The creator of the program is a bit ambiguous since Fairbrother claims that it is someone other than herself.
  • While you will make money with this program, there are some days you will lose money.
  • The profits claimed in many of the programs materials are exaggerated.


This is a solid program that will only require a $200 investment, but you will have the opportunity to earn this back in no time. While you are probably not going to become an overnight millionaire, you have the potential to net decent returns. Whether Fairbrother or someone else is the founder, this system is different from many others, particularly since no one is looking to scam you and people are always here to assist when needed. In a world where everyone is a shark and they are only looking after themselves, this is quite refreshing.

The binary options market is very confusing to the average person, yet you will not need to have any prior knowledge of this market or experience in order to do well. This is an automated program that will help you earn, even when you are sleeping. As was noted above, there are many other programs out there, but this one is certainly worth taking a second look.




-End of the Review


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Best Tricks And Tips From Binary Experts that are using The Money Glitch system

In the trading world of today, it can be very risky to trade on the foreign exchange market, so it needs to be something that is carefully executed. In this article we will be providing you with some tips to assist you with obtaining information on binary trading. That way you will be able to start trading currencies on the volatile world market of today with The Money Glitch system.

Trading when the market is at its high point is an excellent way of maximizing your profits. Whatever time zone you happen to live in, setting your schedule based on active markets is a always a great idea. Keep in mind that binary is a global trading platform, so when it’s night time, it is time for day trading someplace else.

Before you start Binary trading, it is important that you are familiar with what your personal risk tolerance is.

Be sure you are willing and able to invest enough money into trading in order to achieve a significant return on your investment, yet not to the point that you risk your financial security in the event that an investment that you make doesn’t work out.

When you open a broker’s account to conduct binary trades, you need to decide on the length of trading time as well as how much money you want to invest into your trading. That helps save on equity. It has been proven that numerous individuals participating in binary trading over the long run will most likely earn money.

Basically binary trading is a type of gambling and needs to treated that way when it comes to managing your money.

Never risk more money than what you can actually afford to lose and factor in the possibility of having a loss. That helps to ensure that you won’t lose money that you need for your savings and paying bills and allows you to have more confidence with your trades.

Try mirroring your strategy in the same direction as the stock market. If the market happens to be in a downturn, capitalize on that and offer a sale. When things are on an upswing, individuals have a willingness to spend more money so you can slightly increase your prices. When you trend with the market it will help to increase your cash flow overall.

Binary trading has the potential to make investors rich.

However, you do need to be patient. You need to have a certain amount of skepticism when it comes to approaching the market. Obviously that will force you to be cautious when it comes to your trades, minimize your risks, and you can start increasing your leverage and positions from there and begin experiencing real profits.

In order to be a successful and good foreign exchange trader with The Money Glitch system, it is important for you to know when your losses need to be cut. Although it is a painful thing to do, it’s very important that all traders learn this. It is a lot better losing a couple hundred dollars rather than thousands on one transaction.

Whenever you are trading in the binary markets, it is important to learn from whatever mistakes you make. Whenever you are investing, it is critical to not keep making the same mistakes. Over time that can result in you losing lots of money. Correct your errors to ensure that you don’t do it again.

In order to provide yourself with the best chance at profiting in the binary market, follow the trends closely.

There are fluctuations in currency values, however over the long run, they usually move steadily in one direction. Following the trends over the long term will provide you with the best odds for conducting binary trades.

Something every binary trader needs to understand is that being successful in the binary market is based completely on probability, as well as your ability to adequately analyze risk. It is important to implement strategies that help minimize your losses, while ensuring that you can achieve substantial gains. That way in the end, you will come out ahead.

Stick with your trading plan once you get it in place.

Trust in the knowledge and experience you have gained to help guide you. If you end up with a loss, learn from it and make adjustment, and then continue to trade. You can turn your fortunes around, however you need to be determined and stick with things.

This article has offered you some valuable tricks and trips for doing foreign exchange market trading. At this point, you should feel much more informed and be ready to begin trading and start earning some large profits.

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