Zulander Hack Review – Scam or Worth it?

Michael Wright’s Zulander Hack Binary Software: How Does it Hold Up?

When it comes to binary options being traded in the Forex, one of the key points many successful traders make is the need for some really high quality trading system. There are many individuals putting trading systems out there, and Michael Wright’s Zulander Hack is one binary software program that is getting a lot of buzz. A major part of this is because the original beta team was small and closed, meaning very few people heard of the program until they had the successful runs that convinced Michael Wright to open the software back up to a limited number of United States residents.

One of the most exciting things about trading binary options on the Forex market is that it is considered, in many ways, to be the “Wild West” of trading markets. There are so many opportunities, so many chances to use leverage, and because of the liquidity of the markets there are opportunities with binary options trading that just don’t exist within other slower moving markets. There’s less regulation here and a smart trader with the right system has potential to really take advantage of the markets and the situation to make some serious profit.

This type of wide open market offers many opportunities, but does this automated trading platform Wright is providing actually deliver on its promises? Can this really lead to the serious types of profits that their video is promising, or is it just another in a long line of heavy promises followed by sullen disappointment?

Looking at the Sales Page

Michael-Wright-FerrariAs of this writing the initial video introduces us to a Mike McNeary out of Portland, Oregon, talking about his personal experience being brought into a beta testing group and how he uses a video testimonial to take a look at his screen to see what is supposedly one month of trading. This is followed up by Ian Anderson of Chicago, and several others who then give their individual testimonials about their experience with using the software. This is a much different take than many scammers have, since those videos usually start as highly polished productions that are flaunting cars, watches, suits, and other displays of opulent wealth.

In fairness this does come a little bit later with the introduction of successful trader and author of the program, Michael Wright, but it is worth noting that the order still matters. This doesn’t try to overwhelm potential buyers first with a blatant show of wealth – the testimonials come first, showing common people to see if a buyer actually listens to the message and is serious or judges right away on appearance and leaves after seeing some blue collar beta testers. This is a promising sign compared to what many other trading software programs put up.


This is followed by the 1,000 Pound challenge, which is definitely a lot different than any type of sales letter you’re going to see on any other trading page. Can you remember the lat time that someone actually put up their money where their mouth was? Michael Wright actually brings out 1,000 British Pounds and gives them away to the first random strangers he finds who will actually try out the software. Then he gives it 5 minutes and lets everyone see the results, whatever they might be. That’s definitely different!

Just Who Is Michael Wright?

Michael-WrightMichael Wright is the creator of this software, or at least the investor who hired a team of expert programmers to take this hack he discovered and they helped show how to make the software that didn’t rely on up and down streaks but actually did exploit a real hack that would allow him to enjoy consistently winning on a variety of trades versus having to deal with the up and down. Not everyone has the budget to ride it out – so the ability to consistently win is critical for most people.

Michael is the brains, the face, and the investment behind not only creating this software, but also continues to talk about the 846,000 hours of combined work and development by the programmers in addition to that additional over $670,000 in investment to absolutely perfect the software.

Looking at the Program
Michael is also a self-described perfectionist who is looking for 20 more beta testers in the United States to help perfect the program prior to the worldwide release in June. In exchange, the testers get to keep all the money they make while in June licenses will sell for $100,000 each once it is released. This explains how the beta testers can be so inexpensive early despite the major investment, because there will be a big pay-off for them later.

Another benefit of the video is that it seems to be one of the rare ones that addresses the issue of software that trades well for a few days (sometimes even using questionable techniques to float those accounts early and guarantee winning before pulling out that support structure later) and then suddenly starts racking up the losses. The key here is seeing if his software, the Zulander hack can live up to its reputation in the beta group as a quote “controversial but fully legal” software hack which is consistent. It doesn’t go up and down but by exploiting it winning trades just keep coming in again and again.

What Sets the Zulander Hack Apart?
There are several different things that set this software apart. Right now one of the obvious ones is that although Michael is obviously from the United Kingdom, currently they’re looking for American users of the software. There’s also the claim that as they’ve been testing this product with beta testers as well as programmers in their lab, they have experienced a very impressive streak of 242 straight days of profit, as of the writing of this review. As long as that trend continues obviously the number will keep going up.

Instead of not talking about how the software was developed, you actually get to hear about the hours and money invested. In addition to this, the 100% legal automated trading tool has a reputation for being beginner-friendly. These are all really good traits and the fact that all of them appear as selling points is a definite pus when talking about the Zulander system and comparing it to the many other automated trading programs out there.

Anything Weird in the TOS or Risk Dislaimer?
This is one of the best places to check to see if there’s anything odd or sneaky that takes away from the original claims. Fortunately this was a pleasant surprise. Good advice on using smart money management, all the basic warnings and conditions required by law (not having a risk disclaimer is almost certainly a sign of a scam), and no big red flags like a disclaimer saying all the individuals were paid actors and no promises made in the video should be constituted as anything other than fiction. Yes, this actually is a warning a different program once published.

There’s nothing fishy in the TOS or Risk Disclaimer here, which helps to definitely back up the confidence that the promises made here will actually be kept.

Pros of Zulander Hack System:
– Only 20 licenses, so keeps system from being flooded
– 242+ straight days of profitable trading
– Automated system takes care of the trading
– Push button system to re-set it each day
– Huge potential for profits
– The free or discounted licenses for early testers get to keep that for life

Potential Cons:
– Isn’t going to work for someone demanding full control (the automation is critical to getting the most out of this program)
– Will be outrageously expensive, budget-wise, for people who wait until the full roll out (at $100,000 a license at that point)
– Might be frustrating for people who need to know the ins and outs of how everything works before jumping in


So What’s the Final Verdict?

Michael Wright's Zulander Hack Software
This is a much different sales pitch than you tend to see from most automated trading software, and that is definitely encouraging considering how many scams, frauds, and half-truths are out there in the online world. This is especially true with any trading market and is part of the reason that finding reliable reviews is so important before making a decision.

Too many videos have a sort of paper tiger of objections that make it seem like it is addressing common concerns while it is actually dodging them. This presentation for Zulander actually does put the software up to the test in a random and uncontrollable environment, goes to multiple sources to confirm that it is working for everyone who is participating in these tests, and offers direct rebuttals to very good questions that many individuals should (and do) have whenever any type of software like this comes up.

Looking at all the information that is available here, especially in comparison to many other programs that don’t reveal nearly as much, it looks like Michael Wright hit the home run he was looking for with the Zulander Hack system and the early testers get to benefit off of his work.



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